Revolution is defined as a fundamental change in political organization, more specifically, the overthrow of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the governed.This is especially true in describing George Orwell's book Animal Farm.Too many younger children, who have come across this great piece of work, this is just a book about a few pigs taking over a farm after their previous leader dies.But to many older individuals, who have read and researched this book, it is quite clear that this book is about a revolution.Orwell uses the animals in the book to portray major political leaders of his time.Some are easy to recognize, while others take a little reading to figure out exactly who they are.It is easy to see just after finishing thefirst few chapters of Animal Farm, how Orwell uses the animals of the farm to represent major political leaders of his time and show how a revolution comes into existence.
Right from the beginning of the book Old Major, the old, wise pig leader, informs all the animals of the farm about a dream he had.He tells them that animals do all of the work, produce all of the products, get treated unfairly, and get slaughtered when they prove to be no longer useful.This is all because animals are enslaved by Man "the only creature that consumes without producing."Old Major soon dies, but his mission lives on.Old Major represents Karl Marx, whose ideas set the Communist Revolution into motion.The animals start to prepare themselves for the rebellion, or the revolution.This shows how in a political world, the people are getting fed up with the way the government is being run and want a change.One day Mr. Jones, the human owner of the farm, gets drunk and forgets to feed all the animals.So the animals go into the shed and help themselves to all the food they want.Mr. Jones and his men come into the shed and try to kick the animals out, but all the…

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