According to Agnus Taylor, author of Magpies, Monkeys, and Morals, animal right
supporters believe that it is the rights of animals to be left alone by humans and not used in
experiments or research. Due to the efforts of animal rights activists, the use of animals in research dropped by fifty percent in the period from 1990 to 2000. Suggestion from the author is that scientist can use other means of experimentation other than using animals, however, Taylor gives no suggestions on how this may be done. Scientist believe that it is necessary to experiment and do research on animals as it is vital for our future, pointing out that animals also benefit from the research.
According to scientists, over 80 medicines originally developed for humans are now being used to treat pets, farm animals, and wildlife. The animal's rights view is controversial and has produced much opposition. In Magpies, Monkeys, and Morals, Taylor provides a theory of animal's rights in experimentation that derives from our conventional and moral views. Although she tackles some of the more difficult philosophical problems on animal rights ethics, her presentation provides a clear outlook on the views of animal rightist in animal research. The author however, lacks direction in a solution on how to fix the problem she is posing in using other sources for the research.
Conclusion is, although scientist believe using animals in research is necessary, activists believe it is cruel mistreatment of the animal and needs to be monitored or abolished.

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