Anne Bradstreet's poem "The Author to Her Book" is a very extraordinary poem. Many people whenfirst reading it, think it's about a mother and her deformed child. In fact, it is not. The poem is about her work, which was taken without her consent by her friends and her brother. They took her works and had them published, for all to see. In this poem Mrs. Bradstreet uses many different tones, such as sad, embarrassed, and shy. She was a very talented writer.
In thefirst four lines of the poem, Anne Bradstreet uses different metaphors to get you to believing that she is talking about her child not a piece of her work.The tone is kind of odd, even a little sad. For example, the words ill-formed child, snatched from thence, and exposed to public view. These all make you feel like something bad has happened and something is wrong. You feel like the writer is embarrassed. You start feeling sympathy for the writer as you see her concern for her belongings being taken from her and shown to the public.There is a lot of imagery inthese lines as well. For example, after birth did'st my side remain. She is making it seem like she is speaking of a child instead of her work.
In the lines five through ten, Anne Bradstreet talks of an ugly, unfinished, wrong, and unfit mistake that is to be cast away from her. This is a very odd part of the poem. Here her tone is still very critical, and harsh toward her product. Her tone is still very embarrassed and upset that her work was publish through this section.She talks of it as though it was worthless and not worthy for any one to read. When her brother took her work she had no time to fix itor error proof it. Basically it was her ruff draft. Mrs. Bradstreet talks of, "a rambling brat". Here she is referring to a child that tells everything , and speaks of things it should not. Her work was just like that, since her work was unfinished

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