This essay is about two books called Interview with a vampire by Anne Rice written in 1975 and Frankenstein by Mary Shelly written 1816. The two books I am studying are both in the genre of gothic horror this means it inspires terror or horror into the reading audience. The question I am dealing is “How does Mary Shelley and Anne Rice deal with the theme of ‘outsiders’ in their texts? Look at this in relation to the creation in Frankenstein and Louis in Interview with a Vampire”

I’m going to deal with this question by Finding some brief information about the two authors and then deciding how the authors make the text gothic and how they show the part of outsiders in the two main roles The creature in Frankenstein and Louie in Interview with a vampire. Also by doing a Genre analysis and about the themes in the texts, then I will sum it up with a conclusion. Anne Rice lives and works in New Orleans with her husband Stan and her son Christopher. Anne’s life experiences and intellectual inquisitiveness provide her inspiration for all her books.

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Mary Shelly married William Godwin and had a child who died. In 1797 Then in 1815 she gives birth prematurely to her daughter Clara Then in 1816 she gave birth to her son William And in 1816 Mary began to write Frankenstein and finished it in 1817 she completes it. Her son William dies of malaria in 1819. I will also be backing up what I say with quotes from the relevant text that we have been studying. The Theme of Gothic horror is shown in both books as the books show the signs of basic gothic horror. Gothic horror is when terror or horror is inspired in the reader.

This can be used to help describe the two books we are doing about as they both are gothic horror books. Both writers do this in their books when they have vampires in Interview with a vampire and the creature in Frankenstein showing unnatural birth and other unnatural occurrences. Both Authors lost a child when writing the book or before. This influenced the authors to write their books as they both deals with unnatural births. Which helps define it as gothic horror as it deals with unnatural occurrences.

In both books the author uses the sublime (this is a type of literature which follows the same form e. g. horror) landscape to help show the genre and to create emotions. Sublime is a stimulus, which arouses emotions; It may be a feeling of overpowering joy or alternatively horror. An example of this in Interview with a vampire is ” a sublime loneliness with which Lestat and I moved through the world of mortal men”. Also in the texts they use uncanny which is when something familiar becomes unfamiliar or an eerie feeling created by something seemingly supernatural.

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