1. Congressional Record – House.Congressmen in near fight. Page 9552
May 20,1924. Washington: U.S. house, 1924.
Congressman Mclafferty (R) of CA and Howard (D) of Nebraska almost come to a fist a cuffs over objecting to procedure.The gentlemen both had issue the wished addressed before the brake of the early session both charged the other but other congressmen kept them apart.
2 Congressional Records – House. Venereal disease in the District of Columbia, address of bill H.R. 491 sec.2 68th congress 1st session may 14 – 26 1924.
A dictated description of a session of congress in which, the issue of Soldiers declaring that they have a venereal diseases to the judge before appearing in court.The report cites health officials form the board of health in Indiana.He makes claims that out of 28 boys inducted into the service 27 have a venereal disease.He would cite Venereal diseases as the greatest destroyer of mankind.
3. Congressional Records – House.Shadow boxing with Religion.Page A4602. Oct 10, 1941.
This article is a rebuttal to the comments made by the president from Hon. Henry C. Dworshak.The article spoke on the claim that religious freedom in the Soviet Russia was equal to that of religious freedom in America.The comments made by the president were made in hopes of unifying an alliance with Soviet Russia and America.
4. Congressional Records– House. Observations from Washington, exstention of remarks.October 27, 1941.
A description telling of the christening of the new USS Indiana.The report also tells of the increases of civilian employment during wartime for military production.A plan is also laid out that describes the military recruitment of civilian companies for wartime production.
5. House of commons – Great Britain Sessions Papers.Page 43. 1854 – 1845
Table showing the number of persons committed or bailed for trail, charged wit…

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