Times where changing in more ways that one during the antebellum period in America.The biggest factor that came about was industrialization and the money that flowed in from it.Because of this change that money brought about in the minds of the people living in this country, social changes had to also change in order to meet the demands of the people that were acquiring wealth at an alarming rate.This new wealth brought much prosperity to the nation which in return, demanded an over all "new way of life" for those who were filling their bank accounts.Of course there was a downfall to this quick accumulation of money, some people became very uncomfortable with watching their own neighbors change literally over night and leave all of their values and beliefs behind.The main dilemma is on one side religion, and the other, class-level.It seems that at the same time that more and more people were getting wealthy, there were the same number of people declaring that the end of the world was near.These people who turned their back to the upscale society felt that something needed to be done if all of these lost souls in the city where going to be able to go to heaven.
In John Kasson's book known as "Rudeness & Civility" he goes into infinite depth on describing what was happening to the people of America as they were getting wealthier than ever before. He makes a good distinction between those in the upper class and those in the middle-class and below.He does this by describing the appropriate way to portray these class levels both in public and in private. The idea of men actually becoming "gentlemen" and women becoming restricted to the house and knowing their place in society was a new art that had never been seen before in American history.This was important because it set he stage for what was to come in the later years.These new ideas stretched from the way that people dressed to…

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