Anthem is a very controversial novel in which Ayn Rand depicts the contempt she feels towards a totalitarian society. Anthem shows what could be in store for us if we continue the way we are going. The setting of Anthem is very symbolic of the mood portrayed throughout the novelette. The white walls show that the whole concept of collectivism is so void of color and creativity. The collectivist dictatorship in this novelette seems unrealistic, yet intriguing. The romance between the two main characters brings the whole idea to a more personal level. The collectivist system maintains power over its subjects, despite the hero's victorious struggle to free himself.
The collectivist system maintains power and control over its subjects by brainwashing them. "We have learned things which are not in the scripts." Equality 7-2521 snuck into the home of the scholars and stole manuscripts. He stole them because yearns for knowledge. Equality 7-2521 read things that he was not supposed to read, gaining knowledge that he should not have gained. Being the bright individual that he is, he also inferred things. The council of scholars does not teach things that they don't want the subjects to know. On the contrary, they do teach them things that are fallacious in order to keep them naive enough to believe whatever the council tells them. Therefore, the collectivist system is brainwashing its subjects in order to maintain power and control over them.
Equality 7-2521 endures many struggles within himself regarding his desire to be freed from this collectivist society. He is confused about betraying his society, even though he knows there is something more to life. "And in our heart- strange are the ways of evil! – in our heart there is thefirst peace we have known in twenty years." He knows according to his moral foundation that what he is doing is wrong, yet he feels no guilt or fear. Instead he feels peace. He i…

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