"The face that's changing a thousand minds"
National Geographic, August 2002: New skull finds.
Dmanisi is a republic named Georgia, It's located in south west Asia between the Black sea and The Caspian Sea. It's located at the same latitude as Italy. 1.75 million Years ago when the Black and Caspian thought to be connected, were part of an ocean. Making this land very lush and livable.
Homo habilis thought to be part of the footsteps out of Africa for man kind (and even possibly racial tensions in today's Middle East). An animal living 2.4 to 1.6 million years ago. Relatively half the body size of a modern man and also brain size to body ratio was about half. I am not sure whether to believe the "brain size to body ratio" theory. Homo Habilis were users of Oldowan tools. Consisting of choppers and cutters limited tool sophistications relatively speaking. Having smaller bodies and longer arms, lower centers of gravity, Homo habilis are guessed to be better suited for arboreal life. Very muscular and strong in characteristics. Homo habilis was a creature mastering diversity. In the shade swinging through the trees and also traveling distances in the sun by foot. Not excellent at one but proficient at both.
Recently in Dmanisi a skull was found, a "1.75 million year-old pioneer, found last year beneath the ruins of a medieval town called Dmanisi in the republic of Georgia, had a tiny brain–not nearly the size scientists thought our ancestors needed to migrate into a new land" (NG).
I have a theory that intelligence is like two rubber bands of unequal length. One large and one small both have the capacity to stretch to equal lengths, but the large one always has the ability to stretch much more, but in some cases the larger band can become shorter then the short band. When I ask my self where I get my intelligence, myfirst thought is learned intelligence. I have the capa…

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