As a way to demolish segregation, it is always good to learn about other people and their cultures. It is sometimes very narrow minded for people to seclude themselves only to their culture. In retrospect, it is necessary that Anthropologist study other people outside of their culture. Most times actually when people study or observe things around or in between their social life they tend to conform to of the regularity so well known to them. They will not try to learn things in that particular surroundings because they already know what to know about that surroundings. Leaving a place you so well know and go to a strange land you know the basics about is the best to go about an exploration or a research on Anthropology. This will give you a clean start something with no negative perception heeded before the research. In a place you are familiar with, you tend to ignore of over-judge a particular area before the research is done. For example; when an Anthropologist might what !
to find out more about urban areas where drugs are the ruler of the streets, he/she (the anthropologist) might already have a perception as to how if he/she goes there they might end up dead or robbed etc. but going to a place where all they know is the basics statistic of the country or land its perfect for a well proved result experiment.
Research in an unfamiliar place is both challenging and rewarding. Its challenging because you are going to a place you might know no one so for that, it challenges your attitude on how you must/have to adjust to this new city. You might end up sick and it's YOUR duty to keep well and heal yourself because you are not in your own city/country/state. It's rewarding because at the end result IS rewarding. When you are not in a place you are familiar with things take their course naturally and the end result mostly proves your hard work.

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