Anti-feminism is revealed in
Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and
Hemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants
through the comments of females in each of their respected writings. In The Great Gatsby, Daisy, the main
character’s cousin once removed, states that each she hopes her daughter is “a
beautiful little fool” (Fitzgerald, page
17). She is basically saying the best thing a girl can do in the world is to be
too dumb to realize how awful her life is. Fitzgerald sets the tone of how much
fewer power females have than men. Even
though Tom, Daisy’s husband, is obviously seeing another woman she has no power to fix or control it. Similarly, in Hills Like White Elephants the girl
seems to only think about what is best for her partner, the American. The girl
wants it to be “like they were” (Hemingway, page 2) in the past. She shows her
concern of the change in the man’s actions as if they were better in the past.
The girl shows that she cares for the man than
himself when she says she’ll do the abortion. It seemed as if the girl had no
power to change the eventual outcome of the decision. In conclusion, Fitzgerald
and Hemingway both show anti-feminism in
their writing which is revealed through
the comments of the female characters.

            In Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby some values of anti-feminism
is shown through the physical actions of a character. During the party at Tom’s
apartment, tom and Mrs. Wilson were discussing whether she could say Daisy’s
name. Then Mrs. Wilson repeatedly shouted her name in frustration and in
response “Tom broke her nose with his open hand” (Fitzgerald, page 37). Any
opinion by Mrs. Wilson that was against
Tom’s was eradicated at this moment. Fitzgerald showed the weakness of women through
the physical subjugation of women. The
physical response basically ended the party and Tom walked away without any repercussion.
Unlike The Great Gatsby, Hemingway in
his writing, Hills Like White Elephants,
show anti-feminist values through the
subtle hints in the conversation between the characters. The girl reveals that
she had “waited so long” (Hemingway, page 1) for a child. But, the man
unempathetically says “cut it out” (Hemingway, page 1).  This can allude
to the man’s opinion on what they should do with the child. The man realizes
the girl’s opinion on the subject but believes
by repeatedly stating it is her choice to choose, she will eventually go
through with the abortion like he wants. The conversation between them shows this with the allusions to the child and
abortion. In conclusion, The Great Gatsby
shows anti-feminist values through the physical
actions of men to subjugate women. 
However, unlike Fitzgerald’s writing, Heming way in his writing Hills Like White Elephants us subtle
hints in the conversation between character to show anti-feminism. 

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