During the Antebellum years the United States of America was changing, separate political parties formed and education was stressed. Social, religious, and political reforms during these years helped shape society into what it is today. People focused on the reformation of many different things, women’s rights, slavery, schooling, the criminal justice system and poverty.
During the Antebellum reforms Americans were still very religious as a people which lead to the Second Great Awakening. The Second Great Awakening was a response to the growing liberalism. The Second Great Awakening resulted in many new denominations of Christianity. Methodists and Baptists, two of the new denominations, used democracy to settle church affairs, these changes lead to more reformations. According to Francis Grund, the inspiration of American reforms was directly linked with religion. He stated, “Religion has been the basis of the most important American settlements…The Americans look upon their religion as a promoter of civil and political liberty” ( Doc 3) Religion had a major effect on reformations in America. Theodore Parker had views on religion and war. “War is an utter violation of Christianity…. If war be right, then Christianity is wrong, false, a lie. Every man who understands Christianity knows that war is wrong.” (Doc 5) Theodore Parker was a Massachusetts minister and was a leading abolitionist.
Political figures had many influences on reformation as well. Andrew Jackson had faith in the common man and believed in human perfection. Jackson said “I believe man can be elevated; man can become more and more endowed with divinity; and as he does he becomes more God-like in his character and capable of governing himself. Let us go on elevating our people, perfecting our institutions, until democracy shall reach such a point of perfect that we can acclaim with truth that the voice of the people is the voice of God” (Doc 1). He thought tha…

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