All month long in honor of Black History Month, we’ve been bringing you profiles in courage. Tonight, a woman who helps make the “American Dream” come true for people across South Florida.
(WSVN) — It’s one thing for someone to tell you that you’re going to get a house. But to actually see your house ..I think that was the thing that really got huh….”
Tears trickle from the eyes of thirty-three year old Antoinette Johnson as she tells a story that flows from her heart. A story about her trials … and her triumphs.
Antoinette Johnson says, “They are tears of joy and happiness .. remembering where I’ve come from and where I am now.”
For Antoinette Johnson, there once was a time when the thought of owning her own home seemed impossible.
But now, this single mother of two knows *anything* is possible.
She says, “I’ve been through a lot .. trying to raise two daughters is very hard. It was very hard.”
It was difficult for Antoinette to raise her daughters, fourteen year-old Jasmine and eleven year-old Jalissa.
Antoinette says, “I’m not saying it’s not hard now. But it’s a little bit easier. It’s a little bit easier.”
Easier, because Antoinette and her children have found safety in their home here in Fort Lauderdale….Away from the danger they once found at this apartment complex in Lauderhill.
She says, “People chasing my kids down the street coming home from school. The kids were terrified to even walk home from the bus stop which was right down the street.”
For Antoinette and her daughters there really is no place like home.
A house made possible by Habitat For Humanity of Broward County two years ago. now, Antoinette sits on the Habitat For Humanity board of directors and two committees committed to selecting and helping others each achieve the same dream.
Antoinette says, “If I don’t do anything but help another family to get a home I’m happy.”
She adds, “I enjoy seeing them when the

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