The life of an ant in the movie Antz, is very similar to that of a Russian citizen under Stalin's rule. Of course the economy of the ants is a command economy, and everyone has to work towards "the good of the colony". When Stalin came to power in Russia, Lenin had already introduced communism, and he wanted to install that more securely, but communism was already present in Russia.
Antz is an example of the perfect command economy. Everyone has their jobs and functions, and everyone works toward the common good. Although the movie does not show us how the ants obtain their food, and that was one of the major problems in the Russian command economy. Because of this, the two economies are also considerably different. But the major ideals of the communist economy are the same.
As the movie is shown from a "workers" point of view, I believe that Russians in communist Russia felt the same way as Zee, the main character in the movie. I think so, but that side of Russian citizens is rarely shown throughout history, because although they had the right of free speech, it was very restricted. Russians would never speak out against anyone of authority, because they knew that there would be consequences. Listening to Zee gave me a lot more insight to what the life of a Russian citizen under Stalin's rule must have been like.
When Stalin thought that anyone posed as a threat to him or the country's development, he had a way of dealing with it. In Antz we only see them punished when they aren't working, or "lipping off" their supervisor, and their rations are taken away. Communist Russia had the "secret police". Russians lived in constant fear of being taken away or killed. One way the movie and Russia during Stalin's rule are similar, was that all food was rationed. Russia didn't exactly "ration" food, but they only had so much, and gave it only to those who co

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