ANZAC Spirit.What started off as a bungled landing at Galipolli on 25 April 1915, has now passed from fact to legend and become much more than the endeavours of the men who served in World War 1.It epitomises Australian nationalism as a whole.The War arrived fairly shortly after Australia federated, when it was still clinging to the Mother Country, when it hadn’t really developed as a country.The soldiers who left this land and the ones who came back to it, fatigued yet proud, were not the same.To see your comrades fall and die as you watch is no easy task, and to hold your head high afterwards is even harder.But that’s what they did, and that’s what the spirit of ANZAC is all about.
At dawn on 25 April 1915 Australian troops were landed too far north of the intended landing place in the Allied attack on the Gallipoli peninsula. Because of that mistake they were faced by perpendicular cliffs heavily defended by the Turkish
army. In spite, or perhaps because, of this, they showed fearless courage, great resourcefulness, and initiative to drive the Turks back and gain a precious foothold on Turkish soil. There they endured eight months of hardship, displaying great endurance, and mateship to defend an untenable position. Fromfirst to last they were compromised and sacrificed by inept and unsympathetic British generals. This established the pattern for the rest of the war and carried through to the Second The end of this year.Then was the tables turned.World War. The traits displayed were divined to be typical of the nation and Australian soldiers considered to be exceptional, if not natural-born, fighters.
Even today that same “fighting spirit” is being shown all around Australia.That same willingness to serve our country is still in use.Although in entirely different situations the same methods and comradeship are being displayed. As Sir William Keys states: “Anzac stands not only for courage a

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