The American Revolution is one of the most significant events in American
history. This revolution formed a new view on government and revolutionized its
organization which was thefirst of its kind. Various factors have helped pushed this
revolution into full throttle; the unfair treatment of the colonies by England and its
parliament, which affected the colonies negatively socially, politically, as well as
economically. However, it is certain that this revolution would not have been successful
if the colonies had not developed a sense of their identity and united as Americans by the
Before the American Revolution unity among the colonies was unheard of. As the
political cartoon by Benjamin Franklin in the Pennsylvania Gazette suggested, if the
colonies wished to remain alive and independent they must work together as a whole.
The colonies themselves, however, would not unite until George Grenville, the royal
treasurer, decided to create several acts, aimed at removing the economic pressure from
The Proclamation of 1763, one of thefirst of many unpopular acts, prohitbited
settlers to settle beyond the Appalachian mountains. Next came the Stamp Act of 1764,
although this cut down the tax on molasses, it also meant that the tax was actually going
to be collected. In the same year the Navigation Act, which prohibited the colonists from
directly exporting goods except to Britain and Currency Act, which prohibited the use of
paper money, were passed creating more conflict and hatred towards England. These
actions towards the colonies might have been negative, however it had actually strengten
the bonds developing between the colonies. After, the infamous Boston Tea Party in
1773, where a group known as the Sons of Liberty, lead by Samuel Adams, dumped three

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