As the United States recovered from the Civil War and problems with segregation were being resolved the United States went through a major revolution in the industrial sector.Between 1860 and 1900 the United States went from being one of the slowest countries in industrial growth to one of the largest industrial giants.The production of coal grew 2000 percent and the production of steel grew 5000 percent.The leadership of the country, the immigration of people, the increase in miles of railroad, and the augment of populace in the urban areas promoted the industrial development and caused the United States to rumble with industrial expansion.
The Republican Party controlled the presidency for six strait terms and well as eight of the ten terms between 1860 and 1900 (Doc. 4).The Republican Party believed in adjusting the tariff, tax on imports, to support the internal industries so that the citizens of the Untied States would prefer to purchase the products of the internal industries Doc. 3).The Republicans also supported improvements to the rivers and harbors.These features allowed the industrialism to swell by promoting their goals. The Republican's support of the industrial revolution and the projects that they allowed the companies to help with began a boom that couldn't be stopped.
The growth in immigration aided the industrial revolution in a magnificent way as well.The immigrants were willing to do the manual labor on the railroads so that the native citizens could work the industrial, higher paying jobs in the urban areas.Document 4 shows the large increase in the Immigration to the United States, and Document 2 shows the miles of railroad track that was added each decade, this very similar growth pattern shows that the immigrants played a large part in the ability for the Republican party to reach its goal of having a railroad to the Pacific Ocean.
The increase of railroad enabled the Un…

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