There comes a time when a student outperforms his teacher, this is also the case in the colonization of the American Continent.It took a while for the inhabitants to realize that they were better off without the British monarchy, but the colonists did not realize this immediately; it took years of British oppression to cause the colonists to rebel. The primary reason that the colonists rebelled was that they were sick of heavy unfair taxes, and restrictions on trade.There were also several other contributing factors.
The main factor that caused the colonists to rebel was the heavy taxation.The colonists were taxed heavily from the beginning, but the taxes that caused the most strife occurred in the 1760's. Due to the fact that George III suffered from bouts of insanity, Prime Minister George Greenville had almost total control of the parliament.He agreed with the prevailing opinion within Britain that the colonists had been too long indulged and that they should be compelled to obey the laws and to pay off parts of the cost of defending and administering in the empire. The Greenville ministry made a number of the efforts to increase England’s control of the colonies.Greenville sent British troops to be stationed permanently in the provinces; and under the Mutiny Act of 1765 the colonists were required to assist in serving and maintaining the army.The next law that the Greenville ministry would create was the Sugar Act of 1764, which was designed to eliminate the illegal sugar trade between the Continental colonies and the French and Spanish West Indies. It lowered the tax on molasses and raised the tax on sugar. This new act also established a New Court system in America to try accused smugglers; this was an effort to avoid the benefits of a local trial by sympathetic peers. The Currency Act of 1764 required the colonial assemblies to stop issuing paper money, and to retire all the paper money already in …

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