Apache Hadoop is an open
source software framework that is based on Java that can store data in the
cluster in a large amount. Apache Hadoop works in parallel fashion on a cluster
and facilitates us to process the data on all of its nodes. The storage system
of this framework which ripping and distributes big data along various nodes in
the cluster that is known as Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). This
provides high availability by replicating data in a cluster.Microsoft provides properly managed low-cost service
solution of big data with high availability. Processing of a large amount of
data becomes more easy and fast with Azure HDInsight. Cluster monitoring
becomes easier due to the single interface provided by HDInsight. It is Cloud
native which is useful for optimized cluster creation for Hadoop. HDInsight is
Secure, compliant and Extensible it also provides Global availability to
fulfill the needs of an enterprise.Traditional SQL is used to handle the massive amount
of structured or relational data but NoSQL is used to handle distributed data
or unstructured data. NoSQL store non-relational data and have the dynamic
schema. No. of columns varies in each row like a document. NoSQL is smart and
efficiently store huge data that’s why it is preferred for the massive amount
of data. For analyzing big data many NoSQL open-source databases available.It is used to summarize, analyze and query purpose
of distributed data for Hadoop. For distributed data access Hive query (HiveQL)
interface is similar to SQL query option. It is mostly used for data mining. It
is built on the top of Hadoop. It is cross-platform which is designed for
warehousing operations and design of Hive not suitable for online transactions.Sqoop lets you connect
different relational databases with Hadoop. This tool act as a bridge between
transferring relational data to Hadoop for analysis like non-relational data.
After analysis Sqoop sends back structured data to corresponding database or warehouse.
For efficiency purpose, Saqoop works in parallel fashion and use various
cluster nodes concurrently.Presto developed by Facebook to handle petabytes of
data, this is an open sourced query engine. This engine does not relies on
MapReduce technique, unlike hive, to quickly retrieve data. This query engine
facilitates us to querying data from distributed resources for analytics.

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