Apartheid- defined as the South African term for'apartness' and a political platform combined of anti-communism ideals and racial segregation. Although the Apartheid laws were abolished, racial conflicts are still present and occurrent in South African society with racial equality still not achieved.
South African was colonised by English and Dutch explorers in the 17th century. English domination of the Dutch resulted in the Dutch establishing their own colonies and the discovery of diamonds in these new colonies in 1900 triggered English invasion, and later the Boer War. Throughout the early 1900s, racial groups began to emerge in the continent, with the two European groups of the English and Dutch, a small Asian group of Indian ancestry, a sizeable group of mixed races'Coloureds' and a majority group of native Africans. The European groups shared power until the Dutch (Afrikaner) National Party gained majority in the 1948 elections. Apartheid laws were introduced to cement control over the economic and social system in South Africa and to maintain white domination while implementing racial separation. It is felt by many that the National Party felt threatened by the large population of native Africans and wanted to apply policies to control their movements.
With the introduction of Apartheid laws, the Australian National Congress (ANC), formed in 1912 as thefirst nationalist organisation in Africa, became more vocal in their demands and more committed to their methods of equality.
South African governments did not follow the growing trend to legislate for racial equality, instead establishing over 2000 regulations dealing with the actions of Africans. These regulations were not only racially unjust, but took away many of the basic human rights that should have been held by the native population. Prior to the introduction of Apartheid, races were segregated in towns, black trade were unions outlawed, c…

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