"Discuss/ describe the process of Apartheid as it happened in South Africa in the last 40 years"
"They started to realize that I was enduring that kind of abuse so they started to take a plastic bag…then one person held both my hands down and the other put it on my head. Then they sealed it so that I wouldn't be able to breathe and kept it on for at least two minutes, by which time the plastic was clinging to my eyelids, my nostrils, my mouth and my whole body was going into spasms because I really couldn't breathe.."
This utterly grotesque story comes from one of many confessionals given under the truth and and Reconciliation Commission. In her testimony, Zahrah Narkedien, is describing her brutual tortures that she experienced daily while forced into imprisonment, which was "colored" under apartheid. She states, "so I had to pay the price for being a cloured person. It was thefirst time that I had to face the fact that I was part of a minority". Unfortunalty, Miss Narkedien was just one of the several million innocent victims who suffered from the dreadful act of the South African apartheid.
Apartheid is the political policy of racialsegregation. In Afrikaans it means'apartness', and it was pionerred in 1948 by the South African National Party when it came to power. It held the people of Africa apart for over half a century. South African apartheid laws classified people according to three majoir groups white, coloured, black. These laws determined where members of each group could live, wat jobs they could hold, and what type of education they could receive. Futhermore, these laws prohibited social contact between races, segregated public facilities, and they were denied the opportunity to vote. Individuals and groups such as the African National Congress, who opposed apartheid were considered communists and were subjected to prison, extre

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