Imagine having to carry an identity card wherever you went, or having separate places where you could eat and live. These are the things that the Black South Africans ad to go through in South Africa. The Black South Africans were segregated for their race and no other reason at all. Also the Black South Africans were subject to arrest at a given time without an explanation. Basically, apartheid was an act which highly segregated the Black South Africans from the rest of South Africa.
Apartheid is an event in history that will never be forgotten. With this even there come two different types of views. There are those people who support apartheid, and think it is a good thing, and there are also people like myself who think that apartheid was a disgrace and a horrible thing. A website entitled: http://www.stormfront.org/archive/t-84837 or the Stormfront White Nationalist Community, is a website/forum which on that particular topic, people are discussing their views on the whole Apartheid crisis. All of the people there think that either ‘there should have been a homeland for blacks? orAt the time the kaffer was causing unrest and by providing them with cheap, decent or might I add still standing houses in their own areas was something Verwoerd implemented.? Such terms likekaffer? andboer? are the names given to the Black South Africans. These quotes emphasize that not only do these people think that Apartheid was an ok thing to do, but they think that it should have been done better! I totally disagree with these points of views or anything supporting racial segregation because I don’t feel that anybody should be treated differently than anybody else, not to mention I have a mixed family of blacks, whites, and Chinese. Therefore, I feel completely opposite then the people posting their comments on Stormfront. This site obviously displays the views of supporters for apartheid, but there are also websites

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