Then to what extent is verbal expression less reliable than non-verbal to present thought and knowledge? I think that both expressions are important to my IB life. The CAS activity and project can explain this. As we can see, CAS mainly requires us to do challenging activity, creative thought and reflected written work (mainly in portfolio), and each step can effectively help us to develop personal skills. Moreover, CAS is also the appropriate representation that combines verbal and non-verbal expressions.

Take my portfolio as example, all my activities are written down in journal form and some of them I also take a photos. The reason I doing this is that both expression (verbal and non verbal) are useful to me. A verbal expression makes the detail of my CAS portfolio more reasonable and logical. While the non verbal one show my emotive thought base of visual perception. Also, there is another reason to support my point; it is true to discern that words and symbols can help others to understand our thought .

However, when we have completed a CAS activity, it is a worth-noting fact that the emotion can also be seen as the non-verbal expression that can convey knowledge. Once we finish our CAS activity, we will show others that we are satisfied and proud of what we have done, and this kind of expression can directly tell others that we are happy. If we have not accomplished some mission, other people can feel that we are upset and thus comfort us. Therefore, it is recognized fact that verbal expression is equally valuable than non-verbal to present thought and knowledge.

The area of knowledge I want to discuss here is nature science, which can also show the fact that valuable expression is as valuable as non-verbal. Doing science experiment is a excellent example that can illustrate the issue I addressed. As we can see, the area of nature science always require us design and complete some experiments to support our hypothesis. When we doing our experiment, the actual things and motions we observed can apparently present or convey the knowledge that this theory is correct, and this type of presentation belongs to non verbal expression.

Then we can write our report based our observations and investigations, and therefore refer the different method that combine both verbal and non0verbal expression to present our thought to others. Our perception can also prove that verbal and non0verbal expression are equally important to present our thoughts to others. This is because most significant scientific facts are firstly proved by perception of people then convinced by paper work. This is due to the fact that people like to believe what they see.

For example, when the American Government launched the Manhattan plan to the Japan in the Second World War, less people were convinced of the effect of the nuclear bomb, this is because no one have actually seen it. Till whole city of Hiroshima are destroyed by the nuclear bomb, they were convinced of the fact that nuclear the bomb does exist. Thus, it is an obvious fact that verbal and non0verbal expression are equally important to present our thoughts to others.

Taking all the factor into account, we can draw the conclusion that knowledge can be presented in both verbal and non-verbal expressions. There are many kn0wladge areas that can be expressed by either words/symbols or pictures. All in all, this just depends which kind of knowledge or field we are trying to express.


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