Are they making a Comeback?Alright, now you may be pondering in your mind: “What in the world is this guy talking about?!”, and I completely understand so. You may all look up to stellar athletes in the sports world, like Stephen Curry, OBJ, DeMar DeRozan, and so forth. They don’t do drugs for a simple reason- it’s banned in the national sports leagues! Narcotics, as we all know is a sight of bad manners, and can lead to serious diseases, but people are trying to legalize them in several states, or organizations, even though the effects can deteriorate them in all ways. As we all know that sports are a big thing in this world, and many players have either disabilities or pure talent, drugs and people are always brought up within organizations, or contact within the actual sport. Usually, its banned for recreational use, which is absolutely right, if you are in a league. However, for medical usage? There has been a storming debate on whether these “medical specialized drugs (ie: Steroids, etc.) can be accepted into the sports world. Even though there is a chance of them returning, it’s going to remain closed for now. Using drugs, in any such way (but from a sports mentality), changes the player’s direction or “Spirit to the sport”. WADA, or the World Anti-Doping Code explains that “Doping is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport.  This is certainly a common belief, but it’s hard to understand exactly what it means.” (Fenwick). As labeled in the Code, the spirit of sport celebrates values including, fair play, honesty, excellence in performance, character, fun, courage, and community. As long as performance enhancers are banned, it’s clear how their use violates “honesty” and “fair play”. Logically, people are going to say that drugs should not be used anywhere, anytime. It’s for the safety of the people, and the environment. And yes, this is facts. Based on responses from a debate based questionnaire website, poll takers say no (Debate.org). There is no point in taking drugs because it can cause short, and long effects after taking the dose, such as headaches, sprains, and knee pain, etc. If your going to try and take this into your body, then what’s the main result for doing so? It’s basically harming yourself in such ways. Ok, ok. I understand that you all get the point that steroids and those things aren’t going to make the cut, but I want you all to leave today with a vg,ague and straightforward view of how narcotics medically effect “one and the other”. Researcher and professor Julian Savulescu from Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics lists his view on the take of drugs. “We need some rules to keep athletes reasonably healthy and to preserve what we love about sport,” he writes. “But that doesn’t require a Stasi-like approach to performance enhancement in sport.” (Fenwick). In other words, he states that the drug usage that WADA has should be shortened, even for sports usage because every athlete needs to be clean, and healthy in order to be active, and stay positive on the court/field, and life grounds. This is a must for everyone, and everything to go smoothly, without any worry causes. The controversial talks went on and on, and has lead till now. Some people just get into drugs and all, but it doesn’t make any sense. You’re basically deteriorating yourself, and how would you like to see yourself in the mirror looking like an idiot? Before we end here, I would like to share a story from a very popular basketball player- Dwyane Wade. Early when he was a little kid, his mom JoLinda was usually high on drugs for the most part, and the living conditions weren’t bright. There would be dead bodies and guys on the street dealing. Along with that, he would see his mom going high at home around kids. Wade had seen it all at this point in his life, and it was tough to see, because the family had troubles with payments, and the police force. JoLinda had often served more than a year or so in jail for certain reasons. However with Wade experiencing this situation, he was lucky that he didn’t take that path. He had switched this mindset from a “ghetto” life to a happy, but recreational life, and veered to sports. From there, he took basketball and worked his way towards an excellent career from college at Marquette University to winning NBA championships with the Miami Heat. Looking back to this, how would you feel if you were in these gang like environments and seeing blood, drugs, and death EVERYDAY? Just because this happens on the streets, we have to think about the other side of things. Think about it in a sports mentality. What will your teammates say? How would the coaches and head operations think of you misusing drugs? They wouldn’t be very impressed and happy with that! As we wrap up here, I want you all to leave with a goal to spread awareness of this issue. Let’s make the talks go away, and be gone! Drugs and the war between them will be over.

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