Argumentative Essay Are Humans the best species on Earth?Have you always wondered if we are the best species on earth? I am standing for the side that thinks we are the best species on Earth. I think we are the best species on Earth because we can do more than any other species can do, for example: We can Exercise, Cooperate, and learn in many ways. My other reason is Humans Like us Have a Frontal Lobe in the brain the makes us plan ahead special events coming up. We can figure out ways to solve problems, we can have a lot of Emotions, and humans can hunt other species for food.In that, human language is linked to our ability to store huge amounts of semantic and episodic memory. Any human that is born can make their own decisions to decide their own future, go to school , go to college, and get a job to get money. We can have fun times and sad times, we can celebrate, we can enjoy the laughter with each other, and we can develop different kinds of humor. Us Humans are way smarter than any type of animal. When we dream, we can imagine anything that our mind thinks of a Random thought.  Seventy thousand years ago, our human ancestors were insignificant animals, just minding their own business in a corner of Africa. But a lot has changed since then. We’ve spread to every continent, and our actions determine the fate of all other animals and possibly Earth itself. Researchers followed up these correlational studies with a set of experiments in which they directly manipulated both this apparent influence on the tendency to cooperate—processing speed—and the cognitive mechanism thought to be associated with this influence—intuitive, as opposed to reflective, decision-making. In the first of these studies, researchers gathered 891 participants (211 undergraduates and 680 participants from a nationwide sample) and had them play a public goods game. However, humans can build buildings, and have a long life span.

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