Art in Thailand is mainly found in Bangkok, where it is still very wide spread across the world.Bangkok has been the capitol of Thailand since 1782.It has many elegant and beautiful ancient buildings, the oldest originating around 5,000 years ago.Since this time, the style and color of the architecture and art has changed drastically over the years.This paper will discuss many different styles, cultures, religions, and color.
Archeologists have found tools and decorative pieces around northern Thailand, dating back to Paleolithic times.This shows how old the original man was when theyfirst made settlements near Thailand.As style has evolved, they began making glass and weaving cloth.The true Thai architecture didn't come until later.
The ruins of Thailand, which are where the elegant style came from date back to thefirst capitol in 1238.Sukhothai was thefirst capitol of Thailand.The style of these ruins is still very similar to the present day buildings.The buildings themselves were very large, and the tall peak like tops was very distinct themselves.They were like no other architecture to be found.On these ruins were religion icons and past heroes.They were put there as statues to represent who the building was built for and sometimes to tell a story of the building.One of the most infamous people to be found on these buildings was Buddha.He is the main god of their religion and is found everywhere in Thailand.One of the largest Buddha statues is located at Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai.
The Other Capitol of Thailand is Ayutthaya, this was the power centre for more than 400 years in Thailand.The art in Ayutthaya developed through three stages, thefirst being Khmer period.During this period only paintings were done and only three colors were used to do these paintings, red, black, and white.The majority of the paintings showed rows and rows of Buddha paintings. The next style made…

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