The Nineteenth Century European Paintings and Sculpture Galleries
Van Gogh, Flowering Orchard (56.13), Annenberg Van Gogh Gallery
Monet, The Four Trees (29.100.110), Annenberg Monet Gallery
Visual perception is a function of our eyes and brain. We see images as a whole rather then in parts. However, images can be broken into their visual elements: line, shape, texture, and color. These elements are to images as grammars are to languages. They, together, allow our eyes to see images and our brain to recognize those objects. In this compare and contrast essay between the Works of Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet French-born Post-Impressionist painter, Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) and the French, Claude Monet (1840-1926), both painted vibrant and expressive paintings during the twentieth-century.In this case, the chosen paintings are Van Gogh “Flowering Orchard”, 1888 and Monet “The Four Trees”, 1891.
Both of these compositions are painting.Nothing is of more importance than the Flowering orchard. The orchard in Van Gogh's painting, dominated by the rich, red-brown tree growing in the foreground, reaching out and upward with delicate searching branches. All of which give the flowering orchard an emerald expanse of grass carpeting the ground expression. In Monet's case, the four trees were created solely with the use of layered similar colors close to each other. and a very random synthetist outline technique (a similar technique the post-impressionist painter Gaugin used).Modigliani outlines his figure moreso in black than Villon. Mme. Fulgence’s age is understood by the strong dynamic colour quality that has been used to break her face apart.In a way, these colourful divisions act as wrinkles.For instance, the chunk of layered pink on her lip creates a scowl and the heavily applied white on her nose helps it to seem upright; a ‘snobbish’ upturn.Colours such as the orange, have been used to highlight her l…

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