Asia has many types of art because of the extent of the continent. Different cultures live within the continent. Even though there are many different cultures and countries, the art of Asia still has alot of similarities regarding what they believe on, and the ancient ways of doing things. Asia has countries like China, India, Japan, Indonesia, and many tohers. This similarities i was talking about are mainly in religios views. All cultures in Asia seem to be very fond of Budha, a god like person that lived thousands of years ago. They may also paint some other things, like ways of life, and their own mythology wich is not at all like the greeks.
In Southern Asia, temples were painted. The temple of Nepal is one of those temples. there are also a lot of paintings of Stupa’s or temples of workship. On the temple’s walls, there are also paintings of budha’s life.The Siamese Budha is also a sculpture made in the fourthenth or fiftheenth century. Southarn Asia has many interesting styles of painting, none equal to any toher found in other parts of Asia maybe with the exepetion of Budha/There are certainly thousands of pieces of painting found is southern Asia, but they are all unique because of their creators.
In China the chinese liked to make sculptures out of bronze. this certainly required a lot of skill because in those times people or artists did not have the tools we now have today. Tigers were really special in the Chinese culture since it is a symbol of protection. Sculptures in China were one of the main works. Wall paintings and little objects in tombs were also found, but these seemed to be special since almost none were found on the surface, or anywhere in the open.Tombs seem to be very important chinese customs too, because they are full of paintings regarding a persons life, or simply Budha watching, or other symbols important to the Chinese.
The Art of Japan is very similar to w

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