"Language is the blood of the soul…" (Oliver Wendell Holmes) The blood flows through internal and external thought, giving the world insight into the human mind. Language can be found in many forms; including speech, expression, literature, and vocabulary. This art of language shapes the world in many ways.
Language is a step beyond simple communication, allowing the mind to express thoughts, emotion, and intellect. It changes the way in which the world is understood and conformed.Ideas of different cultures spread throughout regions by both the written and spoken word.An example is the US Constitution.Some countries have tried to imitate the government of America in order to better theirs.The values and morals have been communicated and shaped the world so that democracy is understood and replicated.Also, speeches have been appreciated so that people follow the advice given.Such an instance is the famous speech given by Kurt Vonnegut at MIT, "Wear Sunscreen."Many high school seniors can directly relate to the wisdom portrayed and recite lines stating how to make the most out of life.One person's ideas changed the way that humans conduct themselves, and how they perceive the world.
Music is a form of language and communication of the heart and soul.The tone and rhythm of songs open the mind to various emotions and thoughts.It can be portrayed through instrumental and vocal sounds.A note on a page is a universal language for all musicians.When lyrics are added, the entire comprehension of the music may be altered.One word may change the way that a song is interpreted and may also determine whether or not it is liked or
disliked. A composer can address the way that a person feels about a certain event in life through the beats and words put together.The order that words and rhythms are put to song may also affect the interpretation by others.Communication in the fo

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