I was able to examine Life Magazine issue: July 2,
1945. This issue was very interesting to examine because it
exhibited many things we discussed in class and talked
about in the book "life's America".
In this Life magazine issue however I found one major
theme that was expressed. This particular issue stressed
heavily on the ideas of World War 2. This issue of Life
magazine pushed to promote the war in anyway it could.
There was not a single page in this issue that did not
mention World War 2. Also, in conjunction to this theme of
war I also found this issue to feed heavily on the ideas of
nationalism. The whole issue was built upon the ideas that
World War 2 is a good thing. Also, this issue gave me the
impression that America is quote unquote "the best" while
the rest of the countries especially Germany (a World War 2
rival) is inferior to us, so in other words other countries
especially Germany cannot in anyway compete with America,
they are below us! According to Wendy Kozol's book "Life's
America" Life magazine was a big magazine to fuel support
for World War 2. Propaganda was seen as the main focus of this vary issue. Kozol states in her book that "Life's
photojournalistic formula relied heavily on the images of
the middleclass family, to represent our national culture as
a perfect whole". Also, in reflection to this vary issue I
feel strongly that Kozol's ideas are right on. This other
quote from her book also supports my perceptions of this
"Life" issue. Kozol states that the "Ideas of nationalism, a
powerful but contradictory cultural force that indeed shapes
our social identities that construct a popular/democratic
arena of shared interests and objectives". So in simpler
terms Kozol is saying that Life magazine is v

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