Through history entertainment has been a very important part of life, from the early days
of Egypt to our busy modern schedule in the twenty- first century. During the years
entertainment has changed and molded who we are and what our society is like. For the
past sixty years board games and card decks of all kinds have been produced to teach,
excite and entertain everyone. Parents of my generation and the generation before have
sat around tables playing Checkers, Chess, Cards, Monopoly, and other classic games to
keep amused. Games provide so much by doing so little in our lives, games help to create
a stable foundation in children's lives.
The game and theme I have chosen is "Memory" in the style of the pop artist Andy
Warhol. "Memory" is a picture based card game, in which the cards are placed in no
particular order face down on a table or floor. The object of the game is to take turns
flipping one card at a time until you are sure you have seen both of the matching set and
recalling them to the other player. At the end of the game, the player with the most cards
wins. The pictures used for the deck of "Memory" cards will be reproductions of Andy
Warhol's work, and some of my own in Andy's style.
Simple, interesting, and fun. Three words that describe the game that took up a good part
of my childhood. It was played day in and day out and still remains the most favorite
game in my memory. Because of this I decided to make a version of my own. The same
rules and same idea, but new pictures and more exciting content, a theme that would
interest an older crowd and keep the game amusing and attractive for a different
audience.I feel that a game like "Memory" isn't just an excuse to have fun, but an
excuse to exercise your brain and learn. To

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