The picture's physical qualities could be noticed more if you were to look at the
painting inside the picture. The actual painting would bulge out towards your face. There
are so many different events going on with in the painting.
Scale – 24 inches wide and 32 inches tall.
The picture's formal qualities pop out in many different ways. The paint that is
used in presenting the painting seems to appear as oil paint. The shape really didn't strike
my eye at all. I chose the artist not from his name, because of the art. I ignored the names
and focused on the art the artist was showing to us. I had a larger variety to choose from.
The whole gallery was open to me. The art falls under the curvinlinear v. rectilinear
category of the shape standards. The line definition was a little confusing to understand. I
don't feel that the art carried any particular line pattern. The painting as has two different
halves. There is a top half and then there is a bottom half that could be mean a represent
two different totally meanings but still make there own story.
The were a lot of solid colors. There were pinks, yellows, blues, greens, browns,
black, white, orange and purple. But then there are figures that have just black and white
in them, like the horse rolling out of the waves. There is the womanin the center of the
piece that dramatically centers in the whole piece. The porpoise is dark and seems to be
trying to be sneaky. There are fish that look real and seem to be scattering like a school of
fish would look like. The Volcano looks fake and almost looks like a cartoon. The waves
are fake, colorful and hidden to the right side of the painting. And at the bottom right part
of the painting there is a tortes that also seems incredible fake and childish.

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