The faculty art exhibition at the University of West Georgia campus was diverse and fascinating.The different pieces in this show were done in a variety of styles, such as photography, watercolor, metalwork, and sculpture.There were also many different themes being portrayed.The most common theme was landscape.Though every piece of artwork was creative and interesting in its own respect, a painting by Clint Samples is what I will be discussing.
The painting Gallatin River II by Clint Samples was beautifully done in watercolor.The colors used were soft and the dark and light colors blended well together.The paint-brush strokes in smooth, horizontal lines gave the impression of movement.The artist leads the observer through the painting from the upper right-hand corner to the lower left corresponding to the visual movement.The shading on the rocks, the plants, and on the water itself gave the image depth.The theme of nature in this piece as well as the style in which it was done, and the colors and technique used, give this painting a soft and tranquil feel.The most dominant element is line, though the shapes were amorphous.
The reason I chose this piece of work was because I was immediately drawn to it.It caught my attention because of how smooth the texture was and how soft and harmonious the colors were.The painting was realistic and captivating.I really enjoyed examining it because, although most of the shapes were large and the colors were layered to give it more dimension, I was still surprised to find smaller, more deliberate details that added an introspective quality to it.It was just as beautiful as if it were a photograph.

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