ART A critique Going to see the play “ART” in the UCLA Doolittle Theater was quite an enjoyment. The house was small so that almost any seat had a good view. The ushers were very professional and the whole thing was very organized. The best part was when the lights when down, a rumble of people everywhere shifting to seats closer to the stage could be heard! The set was very wonderfully done in a very witty way. There were three tall walls with large simplified cornices and foot guards. The floor was covered with dark brown tiles with a square carpet in the center. On top of that were three chairs and a simple coffee table. The way this set was used was so great because it alone represented each of the three characters homes and the painting hanging on the wall is what differentiated them. Among the three chairs were three styles, an elegant renaissance type chair, a Barcelona chair from the Bauhaus, and a very non-statemental armchair. Each chair style belonged to the character with the matching personality. The whole stage was monochromatic in this light creme color making the colorful personalities easier to focus on. Thefirst character, Mark, has a painting on his wall that is referred to as a Flanders landscape painting and belongs to the renaissance chair. He is very demanding and controlling when it comes to his opinion of art. He is the mentor to Sergio. To imagine his character, picture Joe Piasentin and all of his dramaticism and directness. Throughout the play you just kind of want to ring his neck, much like Joe. The play begins with his opinion of Sergio’s new purchase of a white on white painting. His goal is to make it known to Sergio that he wasted his money, by the end of the play we find out that it is because he feels replaced by Sergio because he has found his own outlet that does not agree with Mark’s. The Barcelona chair and the 70’s white on white painting represent the character Sergio. He is a man of high cir…

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