We analysed and performed three extracts from three different sections in the play. The first of which was when Eddie and Beatrice are waiting on Catherine and Rodolfo to return home from the cinema. In the second extract Eddie tries to prove that he is more superior and more important than Rodolfo and Marco. But this doesn’t happen. In the third extract Catherine is hours away from getting married and insists on Eddie and Beatrice to go. In the first extract we discussed and looked at the main issues and themes and how this improves our understanding and recognition of the characters.

There were several issues in the play which I thought were of importance. Relationships’ are falling apart. Eddie and Beatrice’s relationship is exploding. Beatrice continuously tries to put there relationship right. Through the play she tries to talk to Eddie about this issue many times. Eddie is not willing to listen; he’s never interested in the subject. This shows that there relationship isn’t very strong. We used a method called flashback to show the contrast between Eddie and Catherine’s , and Beatrice’s and Catherine’s relationship when Catherine was a little girl compared to how she is grown up, when she wants her independence .

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In this section of the play status is very important. We looked at the status between Eddie and Beatrice. In this particular extract Eddie begins with the higher status this meant he knew he was superior to Beatrice. Beatrice has always stuck by Eddie whether she agrees with what he is doing or not. At this point she stands up for herself. This surprises Eddie. Beatrice gains status; she ends up with more status that Eddie, and tells him what to do. Eddie being Eddie still thought he was right.

Flash backs and freeze frames were also used in this section, Flash backs helped me understand the scene because they helped me focus on the relationship between the characters (Eddie, Catherine and Beatrice), when they were younger and the position that they are in now when Catherine has matured. Freeze frames helped me understand the scene and its position in the development if the play because you can visualise what is happening. It also creates awareness of movement and space. In the second extract we discussed why Eddie punches Rodolfo and what effect this has on his character.

Eddie thinks that Rodolfo is gay. Eddie being the stronger man “thinks” that he can box with Rodolfo. Eddie intimidates Rodolfo. He punches Rodolfo when he is “teaching” him how to box. Eddie wants to prove to Rodolfo that he is more superior and more of a man than Rodolfo. Eddie wants to see if Rodolfo would hit him back. If Rodolfo does hit Eddie back, Eddie would use this as an opportunity to have a fight, this will make Rodolfo look weak and prove to Catherine that Rodolfo is in fact gay.

This shows that Eddie is a very evil, egoistic, and selfish man who doesn’t car about anyone except for himself . We added a soliloquy. In this Eddie faces up to Rodolfo and says punch me come on, if you punch me I can punch you and get my revenge. ” This helped us to understand what he is thinking and gives us a clearer view of his character. When Rodolfo hits Eddie at the end we marked the moment of the punching by using slow motion. This helped us emphasise the point. In this section we learn more about Marco’s character and how he is prepared and will stick up for his brother Rodolfo.

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