The final confrontation in the book “view from the bridge” starts with manly and brutal fight between Eddie and Marco. Eddie has a slight edge in the battle for his reputation by having a knife like in a street fight but Marco has nothing else apart from his physical strength and skill to use against his rival. This makes it intensely dramatic because Marco has got a chance of losing or even dying. At this point, the audience expectation of violence is too high because neither man will settle for half. Violet language is used by both men such as “Animaaaal” to show there anger, emotion and desperation towards each other during the fight.

As Eddie is about to stab Marco, his sheer brute force held his hand back and diverted the force of the back to his own chest causing him to die in Beatrice’s arms (his wife) creating a dramatic pause at the end of the play. In the play Miller examines issues relating to law and justice because these are two similar things that sound the same but they have different interpretations. “Justice” is what you think is right or what you disserve while “Law” is the rules that are set by the head of a place e. g. heads of school.

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The prologue suggests that to Miller’s on stage Brooklyn community the law is not a friendly thing “The law has not been a friendly idea since the Greeks were beaten” and it is justice which matters the most “justice is very important here”. Despite the law been unfriendly thing, it is what makes then civilised with one another and to know the culture of the country well. In the 1950 Miller was worried about people taking the law into their own hands. It was a time when accusations and court trials were made against those suspected of being communists; even Miller had been halved up to answer “anti-American” charges

Millers view of Brooklyn is a frontier town were the law is scarce and danger waits around every corner “the waterfront the wild west is a desert beyond the law”. The Wild West was a dangerous place and possibly violent. Brooklyn is like the Wild West, you would expect fight like a frontier because there is a lack of central authority. In these situations somebody has got to do anything in order to survive, the common theme in American western was “a man got to do what a man got to do”. The main job in Brooklyn at the water front is loading and unloading ships. This is a heavy demanding job therefore masculine strength is expected.

Sicilian people in Millers Brooklyn are tough people who take the law into there own hands because they can’t settle for half. The code of Horner among these people is highly valued, when somebody has done something to you, you have to revenge (an eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth). They won’t just let it go and forget about it. In the play Eddie has Killed Marco’s children indirectly by reporting him to the immigration burial as an illegal immigrant therefore he can’t get a job and earn enough more to buy medicine for his kids therefore Eddie want to kill him.

Miller has chosen Brooklyn as the setting of the play so that people can appreciate where they live after the have seen the play. However, the wants to show that where they live could be like Brooklyn if they let the passion carry them away. Miller as chosen Eddie Carbone as a tragic hero because he is an ordinary man. He wake’s up every morning and sleeps in an apartment just like a normal man would. This is different from Shakespeare tragic heroes because Macbeth was related to the king and was a warrior while Romeo was for one of the rich and leading family in Verona.

Miller has an ordinary man as a tragic hero because tragedy happens to any body including the audience Passion is something that destroys a tragic hero e. g. Macbeth passion was to become the King while Romeo’s passion was to marry Juliet. In this play Eddie’s passion is for his wife’s niece Catherine. Every tragedy must have a trigger e. g. Macbeth trigger was meeting the witches, Romeos trigger was going to the caplets party while in this play Eddie’s trigger was Marco and Rodolfo coming to his house . A tragic hero then commits an irrevocable act (an act that can’t be reversed) e. g.

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