Look at the opening of Nicolas Hytner’s film of “The Crucible” and discuss how tension and suspense are raised through cinematic features. The play “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller has created tension and suspense by using many devices such as arguments, though I am going to as best as I can to show how tension and suspense are created in Nicolas Hytner’s film “The crucible” using cinematic features. The cinematic features I will be looking at are lighting, camera shots and angles and finally music and sounds.

As soon as the film begins tension is raised, the opening credits show that this film is going to be a serious and I thought maybe a bit scary. The beginning shows the names of the producers and behind the scenes cast, though will these are shown there is no music and the writing is on a plain black background. There is no music until the film really starts and when the film does start it is a bit eerie with dull lighting as if it was either early morning or early evening with you only just about able to make out Abigail’s face as she sits up extremely fast as if she was scared with her eyes wide open.

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She creeps around her room very quietly trying to put on her shoes. This is all very tense with her trying not to be caught sneaking out of her house. This grips the audience making them want to know what is she doing and why is she doing so quietly. Further on is this scene a quite far off shot of Abigail running from her house into the centre of town then another shot of her with a group of girls giggling, then all the girls are running as fast as they can.

What can be heard is the quiet yet fast footsteps of the girls also the girls giggling as if they were really excited. Then from a high diagonal shot of the girls running into the forest with still low lighting also this shot I believe makes it easier to now say that it is Probably early morning. The next scene is of the girls meeting Tituba who tells them to sit on the floor around a cauldron type pot.

Then it looks like the girls are offering things that look like herbs, they kiss them and then say a name of a man or boy who they want to be loved by. Tituba is shown as the leader and throws all these herbs into the cauldron, which is on a fire and then a frog is put into the cauldron though a young girl called Mary Warren steps out of this ceremony. The lighting now is increasing but only slightly as the sun rises more, with this you can see what the girls are up to easier.

The camera shows sharp fast shots of the girls talking as if was a joke thought there is only one face, which looks serious. The one person who is taking this serious is Abigail Williams her face looks like she about to do something, which creates tension for the audience making them want to know what is Abigail going to do that is if she does do something. Then the camera turns around and shows a picture of Parris who is walking through the forest and it looks like he can hear the girls but does not know what it is so he tries to find them.

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Look at the beginning of act two. How does Arthur Miller show the audience the strain in the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor? Arthur Miller shows the strain of the relationship between Elizabeth and John Proctor to the audience by what they see, hear, and feel by the things what the couple says, do, and act. They could also sense strain and tension by staging. He emphasises the difficult relationship by the contrast of the scene. Ie, when the audience first see the stage, they are met with a very homely, domestic scene. “Elizabeth is heard softly singing to the children. ” They also see a pot cooking in the fireplace.

This shouldn’t show any tension or coldness in their relationship or home. However, they immediately sense something strange when John enters, since instead of calling to Elizabeth, e. g. “I’m home! ” John stays silent. They then meet other difficulties in the relationship when John Proctor tastes the food Elizabeth has prepared for him, and, as he is “not quite pleased”; he adjusts it until he is pleased. Arthur Miller might have put this in as a relating gesture of John and Elizabeth, ie that he has high expectations, of her and other things, and wants them to be perfect as he considers it.

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Before she enters, he swings the pot back. This could signify to the audience that he keeps or has kept many secrets from her in the past, the biggest one probably being his relationship with Abigail Williams. The audience knows he has had an affair with Abigail by the way they talked and acted around each other in act one. ” I may think of you softly from time to time. But I will cut off my hand before I’ll ever reach for you again. ” From that declaration Arthur Miller has told the audience through the media of drama that he is determined to try to fix his marriage with Elizabeth.

The fact that he swung back the pot can also indicate that he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings by letting her know that he didn’t feel the food she had “taken great care” with was seasoned properly. He also carries a gun, which to the audience who are seeing it for the first time might seem like he has innocently gone hunting. To audience who have already seen the play before though, it might seem like he might be using as an alibi, especially since he came home late which might seem suspicious to Elizabeth. Elizabeth does seem suspicious, since she asks him “What keeps you so late?

” immediately, without greeting him first. The actor playing Elizabeth should consider how she should say those lines, in a cold suspicious manner, which is what she honestly feels and thinks, or as a warm-hearted, worried wife, which would be pretending. After he has justified his tardiness, they try very hard to have a normal conversation, although Elizabeth already seems hurt and cold since she answers in very short, crisp answers. “Aye”, “I am”, or ” That’s well”. They talk about their children, the weather and so on.

However the subjects they talk about are very shallow, and their conversation seems rather forced, especially from Elizabeth’s side. “Are you well today? ” John asks, then she replies, “I am. ” Neither of them asks or answer deep or detailed answers or questions, which is how two people who, have just recently met converse. Miller might have done this deliberately to show the audience that although John and Elizabeth live together, they never or rarely properly talk, and don’t know much about each other. She mentions a rabbit walked into the house, and he replies “Oh, that’s a good sign walking in.

” This could be a “good sign” because rabbits are seen as soft, gentle creatures which only come in areas that they consider safe, warm and loving, which is what John Proctor wants his wife and his house to be. He also later says that she “ought to bring flowers into the house” because “Its winter (a cold and empty season) in here yet. ” Hence, he would be pleased of warmth and gentleness entering the house, However, the most logical reason of why he is happy of the rabbit walking in is that he wouldn’t have to hunt for rabbit meat for a while. She sits and watches him taste it.

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