“Look at the role of the narrator in “A View from the Bridge” and discuss the way in which the staging of the play can help an audience to understand the authors concerns”. “A View from the Bridge” is a 20th century play, which was written by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller was born in New York in 1915 and brought up in a Jewish background. Miller studied at the university of Michigan where he began writing and winning awards, such as the Pulitzer Prize and the Drama Critics Circle Award, both for the 1947 drama “Death of a Salesman”.

Arthur Miller is still writing, still producing and still working in modern theatre, widely broadening his name as a 20th Century dramatist. In this play, we see Miller using theatre as a moralistic device. The play is set in New York, about a man named Eddie Carbone who lives with his wife Beatrice and his niece Catherine. When Beatrice’s two cousins come from Italy to stay with them trouble begins to start within the family. Eddie becomes unhappy when he sees Rodolpho, Beatrice’s cousin, becoming close to his niece, which makes Eddie insecure.

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The play concludes when Marco, Rodolpho’s brother, stabs Eddie to death. To open the play “A View from the Bridge”, Arthur Miller begins by introducing the narrator. Automatically, the audience are drawn to this character as his opening lines give an idea to the audience of how society see people, i. e. him as a lawyer. “You see how uneasily they nod to me? That’s because I am a lawyer. In this neighbourhood to meet a lawyer is unlucky”. By using the words ‘uneasily’ and ‘unlucky’ there is already a kind of negative approach to what kind of a society this may be.

The narrator has a very large effect on the audience. He has a number of different ways in which he communicates with audience for example he gives a moral insight as the play progresses, he emphasise the plot; pointing out any important information to the audience. The way in which this narrator talks to the audience almost reflects a Greek chorus i. e. they clearly inform the audience about what is happening. The narrator always appears, as a kind of sign to the audience, telling them that something is about to happen.

The story then goes on to the role of Eddie Carbone, the leading character of the play. The theme of this play is fate. We see how a man, Eddie Carbone, who within his character has a destiny which he cannot change. From his opening lines we see Eddie leaving his friends to join his family at home. The audience almost immediately captures the relationship between Eddie and his wife and niece. We see how enthusiastic Catherine is when she sees Eddie and the way in which she talks to him shows how she feels very safe with him and secure with him.

We then see him becoming concerned about her. Eddie – Listen, you been giving me the willies the way you walk down the street, I mean it. Catherine – Why? Eddie – Catherine I don’t want to be a pest, but I’m telling to you’re walking wavy. These lines interpret how Eddie is worried about the way in which she walks, which shows him being protective over her, just like any other responsible parent, but could this be an indication that Eddie is actually jealous of the fact that other men might see her beauty?

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