During “The Crucible” Proctor is easily cast as a villain and other characters clearly see this side of him. This is evident when Abigail shows her attraction for Proctor and her flirtatiousness is obvious to the audience as she talks to Proctor, she moves closer to Proctor and the stage directions suggest that there is a “Faint smile” Upon Proctor’s face, this smile widens as Abigail truthfully explains what happened the night before.

Their past is clearly revealed when Abigail asks John for a “Soft word” And Proctor answers, “That is done with” “Abby, you’ll put it out of mind” . I’ll not be commn`for you more, this implies that Proctor has taken and does not want any part of what had happened in the past.

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He has broken trust with his wife. Proctor’s Advantage of his position as Abigail’s employer and only a villainous man would associate with such a manipulative and ruthless girl During Act One, the subject of “A faction and a party” Against the parish priest Parris and all authority is raised. Proctor’s response is “Why then I must find it and join it”.

This suggests that Proctor is of a villainous character as this open defiance would not be acceptable in Salem society. He shows signs of wanting to go against authority and order. This would have been seen as disrespectable and unacceptable further more, as Proctor dislikes Parris he has not had his third child baptised by him, which suggests an act of selfishness, Knowing as he does that if he did not get his son baptised his son would go straight to hell. This appears to be because of personal dislikes as he implies to Hale.

“I see no light in that man” And “I would not like him to lay a hand upon my son” Which shows he does not care for what might happen to his sons? This clearly shows aspects of a selfish villain not a hero It becomes evident through the course of the play that proctor does not attend church regularly which would be considered a crime in any puritan society and yet he still makes excuses instead of accepting his responsibility. Hale: twenty-six times in seventeen month, sir. I must call that rare. Will you tell me why you are so absent?

Proctor Mr hale, I never knew I must account to that man for I come to church or sty at home. My wife were sick this winter It is also stated that john proctor ploughs on a Sunday which is the holy Sabbath day. This would be seen as unacceptable behaviour within a Christian society. Later within in the play proctor is asked to recite his 10 commandments, which he fails to do accurately the basic Christian faith. he appears confrontational and defensive when questioned. He does well until he comes to the last few.

Proctor: Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image Hale: You have said that twice, sir Proctor: Aye All the evidence suggests that john proctor does not show signs of a hero but of a villain. Close to the Play’s conclusion, Proctor is accused of witchcraft by his servant, marry warren Proctors reaction is looked on as irrational, as he his anger gets the better of him as he displays a district of self control. He is heard by the community declaring, “I say-I say-God is dead” “You are pulling heaven down and raising up a whore”.

These are dangerous statements within such a society, Proctor suggest that the authority of the court is void-that all are wrong and he is right, this could be as arrogant and self-righteous un-herbic characteristics, proctor’s outbreak in front of the entire community has now cast a black shadow upon proctor’s name and his status within in the Salem society. It is know evident that proctor should be classed and stated as a villain not a hero as he clearly shows signs disrespect to the court and to the Salem society which would not be acceptable.

As john Proctor awaits the rope he is offered his life back if he is willing to confess to witch craft. Instead proctor chooses to die. Danforth sturdily asks proctor “Is that document a lie, if it is I will not accept it, what say you I will not deal in lies, mister you will give me your honest confession in my hand or I cannot keep u from the rope which way do you go mister” Proctor crumbles up the paper, which signifies that he chooses to die. This can be seen as a selfish action as he is prepared to leave behind a wife and four children one of which is being expected.

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