In this article assignment I will use articles of following topics: The Institutions of the European Union (article 1), The Gross Domestic Product (article 2) and the Supply and Demand (article 3). At first I will give a short summary of the article then I will go deeper and say what I think of it. I will also explain the connection between the article , the lecture and the literature I read for the course. The article are from the online Economist and from the online New York Times. I copied the article into the appendices. The links can be found in the references.

Lonely at the top Summary The president of the European Commission, Jos� Manuel Barroso, has to run for re-election this year. The Party of European Socialists will try to block his election. The centre-right leaders who hold power in most of Europe stands behind Mr. Barroso and want him further five years at the top. Personal comment At first I found the article difficult to read, because there are a lot of difficult words and new names in it.

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But after I looked some things up, I finally understood what was said. I do like the article because it shows how important the position as the president of the European Parliament is. You can read the opinion from the French president Nicolas Sarkozy and from the former Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt. This shows the election for the next president is a big topic in all European countries. One thing that I think is quite good about the article is that it shows both sites, the site for the re-election of Mr. Barroso and the site against him. To understand the article you have to have a adequate knowledge of the European Union and their current situation. I chose this article because it is a recent topic and deals with the subject “Institutions of the EU”.

Since 1951 the European president will be appointed for 5 years from the governments of all European member states. The European parliament confirmed the president in his post. The Portuguese Jos Manuel Barroso is president of the European Commission since 2004. The Party of European Socialists criticize Mr. Barroso for his conservative position and calls him who “puts markets before people”. Further the article analyze how he handled the situation during of the financial crisis. I think it is important that the European Union will work together for a plan against the crisis. Mr. Barroso has to be a good leader and has to make sure that all countries communicate with each other. The article calls him a referee and I think it is a good description.

I think the article is also a really good example of a election campaign in the European Union. There are always different positions and a lot of important politicians who argue for their favourite. I am sure each government of all twenty seven states want the best for their countries. I also want to include that I would like to know more about the European Commission and how they work. The European Union is getting more and more power and it is important that all citizens of all European countries are good informed.

Finally it is to say that the election was displaced from June to September 2009. Reason therefore was the strong criticism to his reappointment from the opposition. This article shows a few arguments. Jos Manuel Barroso won a parliamentary vote endorsing his second term as European Commission president on the 16th September 2009. The European Parliament voted 382 to 219 to approve Mr. Barroso.

Sailing away Summary The economies of the two largest economies, Germany and France, grew contrary to all expectation by 0.3%. The GDP of the whole euro area shrunk by 0.1%, far less than the 2.5% slump in the previous quarter. Personal Comment From my point of view the article is easy to read, but still quite interesting and informational. I think it is quite good that the author compared more than two countries with each other, he compared four countries and the average of all European countries.

I want include that I think it is great that the author used current numbers to explain the topical situation of the European economy. I have read a lot of articles about the financial crisis and I am still very interested of it. This article gave me a lot of topical information. After reading the article you are up-to-date with the topic. I miss some basics in the article. You have to know a lot of general information about the crisis to understand all of it.

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