Article 1 is a biography focusing
on significant periods of Ernest Hemingway’s life from birth to death. I
believe that Hemingway had a very traumatic life that influenced his dark
writing of alcoholism and depression. His harrowing life began when his mother
began to dress him like a girl throughout the eternity of his childhood, as she
wanted to raise Hemingway and Marcelline as twins; she even kept her daughter
from going to school until both of them could be in the same grade (Harmon,
par. 5).

Hemingway was 18 years old he entered the military as an ambulance driver for
the Red Cross, and he later won Medaglia d’Argento al Valore, which is an award
for bravery (Harmon, par. 8-9). Harmon states, “As an 18-year-old patient at
the Ospedale Crose Rossa Americana, he met the first great love of his life, a
pretty 26-year-old nurse named Agnes von Kurowsky.”(par. 10) She became his
first love; however, Agnes fell out of love with him and got engaged to a
future Italian duke (Harmon, par. 10). Because this event was so traumatic in
his life, I consider this distressing event as the most substantial cause for
Hemingway to turn to such a dark writing style.

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four divorces, his father’s horrific suicide, and writing several books, the
Hemingway family moved to Cuba where he wrote his popular book The Old Man and the Sea; however they
were forced to move out of the country because of the Castro Revolution
(Harmon, par. 31). As he got older, it was harder for him to conceal his grim
side; he tried to commit suicide by shooting himself and walking into the
propellers of an airplane, but he was always stopped (Harmon, par. 32). When he
was 61 he finally committed suicide by shooting himself in the temple. (Harmon,
par. 33) Hemingway left numerous literary works that have drastically
influenced American literature today.

2 focuses on the symbolism present in “Hills like White Elephants”; in this
short story there are many indications of symbolism. Weeks states, “The second
time they are mentioned, they are contrasted with the countryside, which is
brown and dry, suggestive of the limitations and aridity of the relationship of
the man and woman, which begins to unfold and which is the basis of the
conflict and meaning of the story.”(75) I agree with this statement as the hills
are the prominent focus in the short story. In this story there is clearly
tension between the man and woman, but the cause of the tension isn’t revealed
until the middle of the story. When the woman says “Everything tastes like
licorice, especially all the things you’ve waited for, like Absinthe.” it
symbolizes the “causality” and “triviality” their lives contain (Weeks 75). I
think that the woman is tired of doing the same old things; maybe she wants to
try new things.

             Another example of symbolism in the story is
the color of the Absinthe and the color of the hills, as the licorice is a dark
color and the hills are light, this could signal a difference between sadness
and exultation (Weeks 75). When the man speaks of having a simple operation
done the cause of the dispute becomes obvious; he wants Jig to have an abortion
(Weeks 76). One reference to the white elephants could remind you of the white
elephants sales that raise money by allowing people to donate their unwanted
things. (Weeks 76) This could be true, but my interpretation of the white
elephants reminds me of the Christmas white elephant exchange where a person
can either choose to keep the gift they have or get rid of it. 

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