As of January 26th 2018, India currently is the second most populated country in the world with a population of more than one billion people and in this situation: more does not mean better. The world is constantly faced with more and more problems everyday, whether it be pollution, global warming, or even Donald Trump becoming the president of the U.S.A.. But even then, the problem of overpopulation has been bad if not, even worse. India is a prime example of this, and with a decline in use of safe sex, overpopulation is impacting india in their economic growth, and also impacts the health of people living within India.    Firstly, safe sex is something that most people learn about before they can even have sex, and something that helps with preventing reproduction, but as hindustantimes states, “the use of contraceptives declined almost 35%, as abortions and consumption of emergency pills – both with health hazards and side effects – doubled, according to health ministry data.”(Raina Paul). This shows that for some reason, the people of India have chose to perform the act of sex without protection against impregnation, leading to a possible cause to India’s overpopulation issue. And as Naina Arora and Henna Rakheja says, one way to control the overpopulation in India is through none other than condom(Naina Arora and Henna Rakheja). Now the problem is why are people not practicing safe sex. As Condom ads on Tv: Teens Need to Watch states “TV channels cannot air condom advertisements that could be “indecent and inappropriate for viewing by children” during the day. All such ads will now be screened only between 10pm and 6am… It’s the children who need to be educated and be safe. Don’t you teach children good touch and bad touch? So don’t you think this is an extension of that?”(Naina Arora and Henna Rakheja).  The true problem is that younger generation isn’t being informed of what safe sex is, there for the use of contraceptives has declined leading to the result of an increase in population and population growth.    Further more, Overpopulation in India will cause many effects on their economy also. PBS.org states that with population increasing rapidly, unemployment rates are soon to rise(Lazaro, Fred de Sam). This means that more people equals less jobs, therefore, overall, India will have an increase in poor meaning less money to further their economic growth. Not only this, but as PBS.org states, “Most of the newcomers are migrants unable to sustain a living in the vast countryside. In Delhi, the struggle to earn a livelihood is compounded — and interrupted.” This shows importance because it shows how people aren’t making enough to sustain, leading towards not only less workers, but also less quality work because workers don’t have enough money to sustain themselves and still work hard.Moving on, overpopulation has shown that it has many environmental effects as well. As Colin Perkins-Taylor states, “In 1951, the amount of land used for cultivation in India was 118.75 million hectares of land, but in 2001 that number increased to 142.82 million hectares of land.” This shows importance because it shows that overpopulation has forced India to create more space to produce crops for the increased population at the price of the destruction of natural land areas, and this important because less land, means less area for animals to live in and more space for us to put up factories and produce more air pollution. Not only that, but as UKEssays state, the loss of land also leads to a loss of biodiversity(Impact of Overpopulation in India), India is in the process of getting rid of habitats completely meaning a possible increase of extinction of plants, habitats, and animals all due to India’s increasing population.        All in all, overpopulation can be seen as a major problem in India. Not only economically, but also Environmentally, and to fix it, India has to start now.

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