As the quickest developing division of the tourism
business ecotourism offers tourism organizations and Third World destination
alike the possibility of exploiting the similarly preferred standpoint of this destination regarding untainted indigenous
habitats. By definition, such improvement should profit goals more regarding
little scale, nearby contribution with less unfavorable
effects. The open door for these nations to improve their advancement potential
by bridling their regular assets without, in the meantime, pulverizing them cannot
be denied.

In the event that ‘environmentally responsible
tourism’ has an objective of giving a quality traveler
encounter without causing painful environmental and social harm, at that point,
the tour operator has an exceptionally
unique part to play. This paper draws on the after effects of an examination
think about on nature-based tourism. The exploration inspected the role that
the tour operator should play in naturally dependable tourism, the capabilities
(information, abilities, and states of mind) that are expected to satisfy these
parts, the genuine capabilities and parts of tour operator, and the
preparation, support, and assessment that
is and ought to be accommodated tour operator.

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Destination: its problem and solution

Let us talk about the destination Daman is a city in
the union territory of Daman and Diu, on India’s west coast. In the north, St.
Jerome Fortress otherwise called Nani Daman Post reviews the zone’s Portuguese
provincial past. Over the Daman Ganga Waterway, Moti Daman Fortress holds the
remnants of a Dominican religious community, in addition to the Basilica of Bom
Jesus Church, known for its overlaid altarpiece. Near to, the Church of Our
Woman of Rosary highlights complicated carvings. Ironically, Nani-daman is the
larger. The downtown area holds most of the important entities like the major
hospitals, supermarkets, and major
residential areas. Moti-daman is mainly the old city.


Daman is a place where there are many problems but less of the solution, especially
in the tourism industry. Problems like
the excess use of transportation, pond
with lots and lots of garbage, land pollution near the beach, aesthetic
pollution, etc. However, no one has ever thought
of the solution, not even the residents of Daman. Therefore, the foreign traveler comes
took the photograph of our place and put it on social media as a joke and it’s
our duty to maintain the sustainability of the place.

People living in Daman and the tourist also use public
transportation that makes the use of petrol and diesel. Therefore, the initiative
taken by some of the hotels near Nani Daman, they encourage their guest who is
staying in the hotel to use a bicycle and
travel the nearest places in Nani Daman. Most of the foreign travelers use this facility given by the hotel
and they loved it. The hotel people also give an option to send a guide or to
go alone and travel.

Hotels near beach starting taking fines from the traveler who throw the garbage on the land and
they put garbage bins. Hotels mind their own respective beach area need to be clean.
However, they are doing that is the important thing for sustainable tourism.


The other problems are
a pond where there are lots, lots of garbage, DMC, and make a step
to clean that ponds and make Backwater with recreational facilities just like
in Goa. Alternatively, make one resort near that backwater with recreational
facilities to attract more tourist in Daman.

With these facilities,
Daman can be listed in the Eco-tourism places just like Kerala, Goa etc.



Unlike all other places,
Daman is mostly known as the place for hangout with only friends or for different concerts.
But no one even cared about the environmental factor that our environment is in
danger. So above are some of the problems with its solution that are crucial in


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