At school my favourite subject is biology and at university I would like
to study medicine or something related with biology like for example
What I like about them is that they explain how nature and living beings
work. I like biology but I’m more interested about the part that is
related with people because it affects me directly.
Even though I want to study medicine when I think about the future I’m
sure I will end doing research, because my desire to help people
includes trying to treat illnesses that are still Incurable.
Like everyone I have some favourite topics because biology has lots of
things inside, one of them is genetics I’m especially interested in it
because it’s the origin of everything that happens in our body,
including lots of diseases, because we have just started to learn how it
really works and there are lot of genes we still don’t know their
I also like other disciplines like chemistry or related with biology,
biochemistry I think it’s very interested how all of our body it’s
perfectly controlled by different chemical reactions. I realised how
important was that in our body when I studied at school the bicarbonate
buffering system that is used to regulate the pH of blood. That is only
an example of the complexity of the human body and I want to discover
more amazing things like that.
I’ve never been really interested about some topics like ecology but now
I can see that everything is related and any part is more important
than the others and even if I like more one of them I have to know
something about all of them.
My favourite part of biology is working in the laboratory, because I
love putting in practice everything I have learned before, I don’t have
problems with theory but I think that the best part of learning it is
putting it in practice. Research is also creative and I have always been
a very creative person who loves expressing herself.
I also like other scientific disciplines that aren’t so related with
biology, like maths or physics, I think I like them because I’m good at
them, I like solving problems and I also like to discover how to solve
them, mathematics are very repetitive and even though I prefer tasks
where you have to think how to act because anything is plan, sometimes I
also like repetitive tasks that hep my mind to relax.
Summing up, I like science in general because all disciplines have
something in common, there are always new things to learn, all of them
interesting.What I expect from that experience is having and approach with the
biology that is done at laboratories, because as I said before I would
like to have the opportunity to put in practice everything I’ve learn
during this years at school.
I’ve already being in a programme where I have the possibility to work
in labs with researches, but it was my first experience and I wasn’t
very confidence with my abilities at the lab and my knowledge in the
topics we were working in. That experience help me to realise that the
important is not to know everything, what is really important is not
being afraid of asking what you don’t know.
I think that this experience at SMTB could show me what does a
researcher in his daily routine, and lot of things about molecular
biology. And I think that I will enjoy a lot this time because I lose my
fear and my worries at IRB where I did my first scientific course.
I’m not sure in which type of laboratory I would like to work in,
because working in something that interests you is always a good option,
but maybe is better to tray a new thing completely different of what
I’ve done before and discover if I’m also interested in that part of
For the moment I’m interested in working in something related with
genetics but I’ve read that at the beginning you go to different
laboratories and probably I would love what is being doing there and I
would change my decision. So I can say that now I want to work with
genetic diseases but I can’t assure that I won’t change my decision in
the future.
I also want to make some good friends from another countries, because
there aren’t lot of opportunities to meet people from another countries,
and If I have this opportunity in this school I want to make profit of
I also want to work in team, because I know that I’m better when I’m
with other people, that doesn’t mean that I’m not able to do the things
alone, it means that I think that ideas are better when you share them
with a group of people who has the same interests than you.
Finally, I would like to say that if I have the opportunity to
participate at this programme I will give my best.

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