At the moment there are two commercially advertised product that utilize monolayers to reduce evaporation. However, only WaterSavr has proven to be effective when the two products are actually out to the test. WaterSavr is a very unique liquid composed of polymers that spread over the surface of water to form a very thin film and reduce evaporation. WaterSavr is composed of polymers which have a unique characteristic when they come in contact with water; they repel each other strongly. Due to this repulsion, the polymers rapidly spread across the surface of the water. This results in the formation a liquid ‘blanket’ which serves to reduce evaporation very effectively. WaterSavr has proven to be unharmful to the environment because it is made of safe chemicals, and many of which are used in food and for pharmaceutical applications. To apply, WaterSavr can simply be poured onto the surface of the water. This is the method that we intend to use for Hurri-Cancel. We envision a boat arriving in the projected path of an incoming hurricane, many miles off the coast, and simply releasing our product onto the water, and then returning to safety. However, the method of releasing from the air has also proven to be an effective method. So, once the film has settled on the water’s surface, it is extremely resistant and will not be affected by disturbances such as wind or even waves. The ‘blanket’ will move across the water’s surface but will not build up or condense in one area. Interestingly, rain will not affect the ‘blanket’ because water is able to go directly though without causing any damage. Several experiments in the United States have been able to achieve outstanding results including a 50% decrease in evaporated water volume in controlled experiments. A limitation of this product for our purposes is the effect, if any, that the film would have on the marine ecosystems. To determine this testing will have to be done prior to the application of Hurri-Cancel because harming a marine ecosystem could be devastating. Another product based in Australia, known as Aquatain, has been found in the literature but when approached, the company was unable to produce any responses.    Aquatain has claimed savings of 50% of evaporation. This claim is mainly based on an independent experiment conducted by Total Ag Services over a three week period. (Boshammer, 2007). However, the water used in the experiment was used in a much smaller container which was actually referred to as a ‘tub’. Therefore it is unknown how effective the product will be over an ocean, because of the sheer difference in surface area. Therefore, we initially expect results of less than 50%, but we are confident that it can be increased overtime through research. The use of excessive chemical product in order to yield promising results has been noted by numerous researchers. (Hancock and Barnes Pers. Comm.).                                           It is also worth noting that the Cooperative Research Centre(CRC) for polymers is researching and testing several new monolayer products in their search for the most effective. Currently, to find a polymer that is profounldy more duarble and even more effective is a goal of CRC for Polymers. The release of these products to the public does not appear to be in the near future as much testing is still required.           

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