At this point, there’s little more
promising in American cinema than the next Martin Scorsese movie. Even with the new Paul Thomas Anderson project less
than three moths away and Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs prepped to arrive a few months after that, it’s Scorsese’s The Irishman that invites the most anticipation. For
old-school fans of Scorsese, the very fact that the movie sees him re-teaming
with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, to say nothing of supporting roles from Al Pacinoand Harvey Keitel is enough to
sound the alarm. That being said, the real draw should come from the fact that
Scorsese himself is currently in one of the most audacious passages of his
unparalleled career, one that has produced masterworks ranging from The Wolf of Wall Street to Shutter Island.


Amongst the many people involved
with The Irishman, which is slated to
be released by Netflix in 2019, is producer Randall Emmett, who has been using his Instagram to post photos from the set, as well as
from his various other projects. Amongst a recent spat of images is one of
Scorsese working with Pesci on a scene from The Irishman, as well as an image of Scorsese overseeing a shot from his director’s
chair. (You can check out the images below.) The plot of The Irishman, which centers on a hitman (De Niro) who believes he killed Jimmy Hoffa
(Pacino), hues closer to Scorsese’s older films, as well as The Departed, in comparison to his more ambitious recent projects, such as Silence. Still, there’s little reason to believe Scorsese will hold back on his
wilder visual impulses just to fit a familiar story of organized crime and its
discontents. Honestly, just seeing Scorsese and Pesci together, decades
after Casino, is enough to amped
for what Scorsese might bring to the table with The Irishman. 2019 can’t get here soon enough.

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Here’s Emmett’s posts from Instagram


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