Augusta Ada Byron A.K.A(Ada Lovelace ) was known as one of the first computer programmers. Lovelace studied mathematics and science. She had studied with Charles Babagge.  Lovelace was a very smart girl, she thrived in the subjects she studied. If Lovelace had not studied in the subjects that the did who knows where we would be in the world of technology. Ada Lovelace born as Augusta Ada Byron was born on December 10, 1815.  Her parents were Lady Byron and Lord Byron.  They did not get along very well so after Lovelace was born they seperated.  Lord Byron left and went to England and Lovelace never saw him again.  Lovelace’s mother did not want her to turn out like her father so she was not aloud to study poetry or even look at her father’s picture.  Her mother taught her mathematics and science.  She had loved these two subjects. When Ada was 8 her father died in Greece.  When Lovelace was little her mother made her lie still for long periods of time, believing that she would develop more self-control. Lovelace had the best tutors around and her mother made sure of that. She had been taught by William Fred, a social reformer; Mary Somerville, a Scottish mathematician and astronomer; and William King, the family’s doctor.  When Lovelace was 12 she was fantasized with flight.  She had invented a mechanical flying bird.  At one point Lovelace had rebelled against her mother and said she was going to be like her father and be a poet.  When Lovelace was 14 she was paralyzed with the measles. Around the age of 17 Ada met Charles Babbage, a inventer and a mathematician. Babbage was a mentor to Lovelace. Despite that Babbage was much older than Lovelace, they had became friends.  Lovelace started studying at the University of London, advanced mathematics, with professor Augustus De Morgan. Babbage was tired of people making mistakes on simple math equations.  He invented a machine that would do the math for you he had called it The Analytical Engine.  When Lovelace saw this machine she wanted to know more.   

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