Beauty pageants have always been part of cultural history, in the 1880s modern beauty pageants started to be a significant part in the lives of teenage and twenty some girls lives. These types of contests mostly focus on a young woman’s physical appearance but, throughout the years other qualities have been started to influence the contestant’s final grade, for instance traits, intelligence, talent, physical beauty, among others. But nowadays these competitions have taken their requirements very far that many girls have to go through rough paths to achieve what the judges think is perfect, that includes surgeries, anxiety, and eating disorders or to even drop out of these pageants.USA is the leading country when it comes to these type of contests they have approximately up to 30 different official beauty pageants where girls from all around the country prepare to compete against each other in the many areas of the contests. Beauty pageants have a lot of impact on teenage girls, they create fake beauty standards for the girls to follow, primarily in what concerns the physical appearance they want so bad to be like these beautiful girls they see on TV that they’d do anything to look like them, even if that implies to stop eating.The most well-known beauty pageant of all time is Miss Universe. Gorgeous ladies from all around the world get together and compete for the judges to deliberate who ‘s the prettiest of them all. They have to go through different challenges like night gowns, swimsuits, typical costumes, etc.But all these contests have their background stories, the contestants have their own stories, some of them have to get surgeries because they’re not good enough or do not have what it takes to be the “perfect girl” who has an amazing body, multiple talents and an excellent mind, how ridiculous and ironic is that the supposed “perfect girl” is made out of plastic and fake components? Is that what we are trying to teach girls? That if you are not good enough for someone you just go under the knife andeverything is fixed? What about the true meaning of beauty? Why is it that we have to embrace this falsehood in order to call it beautiful and original?There are so many questions about the true meaning of beauty pageants, but this big industry shuts them down within seconds because sadly lots of people agree with/support this ideology and would not do anything to change it.There have been several cases about young women competing in beauty pageants who have been humiliated in every single possible way that it is, take for example Alicia Machado, she won Miss Universe in 1996 (Donald J. Trump had taken over the pageant at the time) and was considered the most beautiful woman at the time, shortly after winning the contest she gain some weight and Mr. Trump made her work out in front of the press, imagine how humiliating it should have been for Alicia to “demonstrate” that she’s not fat? Did she do that voluntarily? She was even being called Miss Piggy! That is not fair for anyone, not because this man had the money and power means that he can treat every single lady the way he wants, and to make it worse, Alicia could not say anything to Mr. Trump in front of anyone so that showed girls that it’s okay if you don’t stand up for yourself, that it does not matter if you don’t have a little respect for yourself, we are teaching girls the wrong ideas about beauty, society and specially, the love you have for yourself.Another example that come to my mind in almost the same case is the famous”Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” the dream of any girl is being a perfect angel of Victoria Secret, but if you see the real way to be in these level for any girl put the standards of their bodies to a next level. The way of their bodies at the eye of any woman are perfects, so imagine a teenager that have troubles with her selfconfidence and watching these shows of models that have perfect legs and perfect face how these would make the girl feel?In that same industry was the case of one of the angels of Victoria Secret named Erin Heatherton that quit modeling because they told her that she was fat and if she wants to continue in the show she need to be thinner. These is something thatne said to a newspaper: “My last two Victoria•s Secret shows, I was told I had to  weight,” the US model said. “l look back like, ‘Really?” said that, although she ate healthily and exercised twice a day, she felt   she did would be enough for her to continue walking in the brand’s)restigious, over-the-top annual runway shows.Imagine a model that one of the best industries of modeling offers work to her and she refuses to take it, I think these is how we really need to think. And I will leave here a short paragraph that she said so you can process in your mind that you don’t have to get beauty pageant.”l was struggling with my body image and the pressures to fulfill (sic) the demands of perfectionism upon me,”. “l am not perfect. Through this struggle, however, found the strength to love myself.”

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