Bloom 2018 will be held from May 31st-June
4th in Phoenix Park Dublin. The festival originated as a promotional
vehicle for the horticultural industry in Ireland. An extensive display of show
gardens paired with fabulous food from Irish producers and music from up and
coming artists attracts people from far and wide to this outdoor, earthy
festival. In 2014, Bloom attracted an overall figure of 106,482 people with
over 300,000 tuning into RTE’s follow-up documentary (1). By 2017, Bloom
reached a record attendee number of 120,000 (2). The event runs from 9am-6pm,
Thursday-Monday which gives everyone an opportunity to stop by. Bloom 2014 had
a 92% respondent rate from that outside of Dublin and a 33% attraction from
overseas (1). (5)

a flower show with so much more to offer, a huge demographic can be found here,
from families to pensioners to singletons getting a breath of fresh air from their busy work lives. The event is
wheelchair accessible and allows guide dogs to enter. Whether you are a child
being entertained by scientists and performers or a fashion enthusiast eager to
check out the latest styles featured in fashion shows (3) everyone can have the
chance to pot their own plants and keep them safe in the plant creches (4) as
they continue to enjoy their day.

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Bloom is a fantastic way to enjoy the
very best of what Ireland has to offer when it comes to our horticultural and
food industry. It promotes Irish produce and encourages people to get outdoors,
embrace the environment and be inspired. Virgin Media puts a lot of effort into
holding itself accountable for its global footprint. In 2015 they experienced
huge growth and so set in place sustainability goals for 2020 (6). These goals
included a more extensive workforce to represent the diversity of Virgin Media customers,
more inclusive boosting of small businesses through digital and further
embedding of lower impact by decreasing the millage of Virgin Media truck. (7).
These types of values are important things for people to know in the coming
age. More and more people are not only becoming familiar with the importance of
sustaining our environment but are taking measures now to do so. Bloom, as an
environmental event, would be a great place to showcase Virgin Media’s steps in
taking responsibility to really portray the company’s values. With an extensive
audience the brand has a chance to reach all demographics through visuals,
interactive media and a positive mental imprint on the day.

in this event are very proud of the festival progress. With Bord Bia being its
main sponsor, along with Bord Na Mona, Enable Ireland and Toyota to name a few,
Bloom has become a high profile for sponsors. It sends a great message to all
about the importance of sustainability within our country. “We are proud
that our Bloom event has developed into such an inspirational festival of
creativity, a place where creators of food and drink, of gardens, craft and art
get a platform to tell their story. Each year, Bloom provides Bord Bia, and our
key stakeholders, with an invaluable opportunity to engage with consumers,
helping us to build insight, learn and share new ideas while celebrating and
showcasing the best of Ireland’s horticulture, food and drink industry. In
addition to being a great place to visit, Bloom has a strong track record of
delivering sales and new business for our stakeholders, both here onsite and
more importantly developing trade relationships for future business. This is a
key component of the show, and one that Bord Bia is keen to deliver and build
upon.”  (8) This is a strong statement from Tara McCarthy,
Chief Executive of Bord Bia, solidifying that Bloom is and would be a fantastic
platform for Virgin Media to showcase itself and to reach out to the community.

Media can get stuck right in by providing personal service-Virgin Media
representatives wearing red (Virgin Media) branded t-shirts always on hand to
help. We would provide useful maps-developed to the most up-to-date technology
to help track party members, find what’s on, learn about Virgin Media and help
visitors get the most out of their day. Virgin Media would create visual pods
to educate participants about our planet, send positive messages (and of course
promote the brand) while giving people an incredible experience that tickles
all the senses. Virgin Media involvement would be big and bold, unforgettable
but also subtle at times, planting just the right amount of positive ideas in
people’s minds to take home with them for later use. With a brand as connected
as Virgin Media, it’s nice to add a personal touch, and that’s what Bloom is
all about. 


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