Brexit and
EEA, EEA visa, UK immigration solicitors

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Immigration Options for EU And EEA Nationals
After Brexit

Since the
vote for Brexit permanent residence and citizenship applications have more than
doubled in the UK. While Brexit doesn’t go into effect until sometime after
March of 2019, many EU and EEA nationals are planning ahead and identifying
alternate immigration options. Rights will not change prior to Brexit, current
EEA residency will expire and be replaced with an alternative and yet to be
determined path to citizenship. Below is a look at the current EEA visa options,
which need to be maintained until Brexit goes into effect.

Registration Certificates For EU/EEA Nationals

certificates confirm resident status in the UK. However, EEA and Swiss
nationals with current certificates—will no longer be valid after the UK leaves
the EU. A yet to be identified process will be made available. If you are in
need of a certificate until then, you must not put off registration. You
qualify for the current registration certificate if you are currently working,
studying, are self-employed, or in-between jobs but looking for work.

family members of the above qualified members will still need to obtain a
registration certificate. This includes siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles,
relatives by marriage, unmarries partners, and next generation relatives. The
extended family member must be financially dependent on the qualified person,
living in the same house as their qualified person, or have a medical condition
that requires their qualified family member to care for them.

EEA Residence Cards

You only
need to apply for a UK Residence Card if you are both from outside the EEA or Switzerland and are an extended family
member of someone from the EEA or Switzerland. Residence cards are valid for 5
years, but will not be valid on the
yet-to-be determined date of Brexit. An alternate application process will
replace the current residence card, but this has not yet been outlined. In the
meantime, you must apply for a residence card. This will make re-entering the
country easier, will allow you to work in the UK, and provide a variety of
benefits and services.


EEA Permanent Residence

If you have lived in the UK on an EEA visa for 5 years,
you can now apply for permanent residency. Permanent residency is not the same
as citizenship, any permanent residency obtained prior to Brexit will not be
valid after the UK leaves the EU. You will need to provide proof that you are
qualified, or the extended family member of the qualified person for the last 5
years. Qualification includes proof of employment, education, that you are
self-sufficient, or looking for work.

EEA Family Permit

If you or an immediate or extended family member lives
outside of the EEA or is a Swiss national, and wants to come to the UK they
will need to apply for an EEA family permit. EEA family permits can also be
extended to carers and carer’s children, if your qualified EEA national family
member has passed away, or you are no longer married to or partners with your
qualified EEA national. You may also qualify for Surinder Singh, if you have previously
lived in an EEA country with a family member who is a British citizen. Permits
obtained now will no longer be valid after Brexit. 

Retained Rights Of Residence

You may be able to retain the right of your residence
with an EEA family permit:

After a divorce, annulment, or
dissolution of a marriage or civil partnership.

If your qualified resident has deceased;
as long as you have lived in the UK for at least 12 months.

If you are the child of an EEA national
who has deceased, moved from the UK; or you are the child of a former spouse or
civil partner—and you are still in school.

You are a parent of a child who has an
educational right of residency.

Again, these EEA visas will no longer apply after

The New Residency And Visa Alternatives

Brexit will go into effect sometime after March of
2019. While this is just over a year away, you must comply with the current
paths to residency. When the new path to residency is announced, immigration
offices are sure to be flooded with applications. As the top UK immigration
solicitors in London, we strongly urge you to keep your eye on the news—and
check back to our website soon to ensure you are apprised of the new path as
soon as it is made available.

If you have any additional questions about the EEA
visas above, how Brexit and the EEA affect your citizenship, or on how to apply
for British citizenship—reach out to ADD BUSINESS NAME today.


Brexit and
EEA, EEA visa, UK immigration solicitors


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