By focusing on
strengthening, its sales and supply and maintenance in Asia, Tesla is growing its sales faster.
Other opportunity is the autonomous driving technology with is safer than human driving.

The company is working on reducing his manufacturing and operations cost, in order to allow
people of the middle class to buy Tesla’s products.

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Threats: One of the threats is the competition. Tesla is dealing with the completion of
luxury brands and environment friendly brands. Apart from the luxury brands like Audi or
Porsches, brands that care about environment friendly vehicles are also a competitive threat.
Tesla has this image of premium cars and needs time to break this image.
Legal and regulatory troubles can lead to an increase in costs because they are costly affairs.

2. Marketing objectives

The goal that Tesla wants to achieve with the Tesla Semi is to increase market share
with this new vehicle and to increase brand awareness by the number of vehicles in the road.
The goal for Tesla is to succeed in the market and be desirable as any other brands of electric
vehicles. About the pricing, the goal is to be a little bit above the average of others brands of
electric vehicles but to worth it. The brand has to keep his “Luxury” image.

3. Marketing strategy and plan
3.1 Tesla’s main goal is to make electric vehicles common and more especially with its

Semi to electrify all the major forms of “terrestrial transport”. While Tesla customer base was
focused on wealthy people from their 20’s to 40’s, their target market has shift with the Semi
to fleet operators while keeping independent owner’s operators who are interested in eco-
friendly, tech-savvy and entry-level luxury buyers. To measure the effectiveness, the market
segments must rate favorably on five different key criteria: measurable, substantial,
accessible, differentiable and actionable.

Measurable is the size, purchasing power and characteristics of the segment can be
measured. Our target market can be measured as Tesla is one of the most growing brand in the
electric-car company’s business and in the car company’s business in general. By adding this
new vehicle to the Tesla brand, we will attract new costumers, fleet operators, as well as
private owners who could be interested in the product.

Substantial refers to the fact that the market segments are large and profitable enough
to serve. Being on the fleet operators market, orders for this product would not be one by one,

but by bulk purchases. The Semi truck isn’t cheap but in a long-term, it will be beneficial for
the owners and will save up money and time.

Accessible meaning segments can be reached and served. In some countries, the Semi
truck could be problematic as regulation is unique in each of them, the product need to be
legal in every country it is sell in, in order to be accessible to everybody. There is no law yet
about autonomous operations but it is a matter of time for it to be legal.

Differentiable means that the segment are conceptually distinguishable and respond
differently to different marketing – mix programs. The Semi truck is differentiable from other
segment as it is one of the first truck to have these functionalities and properties.

Actionable refers to the fact that effective programs can be designed and implemented
for attracting and serving the segments. “We’re not promoting the cars; the stores are our
advertising. » said Elon Musk CEO. The firm should be able to effectively sell the product in
the market and the plan for the segmentation has to be actionable in the chosen segment.

3.2 The differentiation strategy has for purpose to provides services and products that
are beneficial and valued by the buyers and differentiate from the various competitors. While
using differentiation, the ultimate goal is to achieve competitive advantages. For the Tesla
Semi truck product, this could be achieving as it offers better and high quality vehicles that
save money on long term. Firstly, the company has to identify target customer and identify
their needs, wants and values. Secondly, the company will need to be aware of their
competitors in order to know how to differentiate themselves. The target audience and
customers’ of the Semi truck product is fleet operators and some independent owner’s
operators and the needs that they have, for example save up money and time on long-term in
the most comfortable and luxurious vehicles. The battery and motors will last 1 million miles
and is cheaper on the total operating cost than any other diesel vehicle, also the production of
the the truck will be the fattest produced car ever made. The truck is in favor of natural gas or
zero-emission powertrains and has autonomous features like autopilot. Good fleet managers
have trust in Tesla new product and we can see it in the several orders Tesla already has, even
before the product launch in 2019. The fleet managers know Tesla is good quality, and have
trust in the brand. Fueling cost, maintenance, and the saving of long days driving between job
sites are the point aspects that are beneficial for the owners. The brand differentiation happens 

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